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NAMM 2019 Lunstone dynamic_delay

Lunastone Dynamic Delay  ·  Source: Lunastone

Up until now, we’ve associated the Danish company Lunastone with overdrive and boost pedals. At NAMM 2019, the company is launching its new Dynamic Delay pedal – and it’s digital.

Lunastone Dynamic Delay

The new Lunastone Dynamic Delay pedal is the company’s very first digital pedal and a departure from their proven track record of making analogue overdrive pedals. The unit looks like all their pedals normally do, simple and clean. No fussy menus or too many little controls to get at with big fingers. Just a simple, well-laid out pedal design.

The Dynamic Delay has two footswitches, On/Off and a dedicated Tap Tempo. With a minimal control layout covering Mix, Dyn, Time and Repeat it certainly looks simple enough to use.

Lunastone Dynamic Delay

Lunastone Dynamic Delay inspired by classic ’80s rack delay units

Luddite Dynamics

Lunastone has taken some inspiration from the classic ’80s TC-2290 rack unit, by giving the Dynamic Delay a one-knob compressor on the delay side. The aim here is to keep your playing dynamics consistent, with the promise of a more pleasing playing experience. The one control knob juggles the attack, release, depth and threshold of the compression circuit, so you can concentrate on your guitar playing. It is a neat trick and one that could make this pedal popular.

Buffered or not?

If you set the Dynamic Delay to Buffered Bypass mode, the delay tails will continue and fade away gradually and more naturally, whereas in True-Bypass mode it will cut off as soon as you disengage the pedal. I do like that they give you the option of setting it either way – the mode switch isn’t hidden away but easily accessible on the side of the pedal.

RRP – USD 249/EUR 249

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