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ALM Jumble Henge

ALM Jumble Henge  ·  Source: ALM


Super spacially efficient mixer module with 16 inputs and uniquely fixed pan positions and filtering for instantly rich stereo and spectrally interesting mixes.


It does what now?

It’s much simpler than it sounds. The Jumble Henge has 16 inputs for your audio and a stereo mixed output. Rather than giving you a bank of faders, knobs and bands of EQ you have a simple level Mix Output knob. Each input is already panned to a unique position in the stereo mix. The inputs are also split into 4 frequency bands that are created with carefully tuned resonant analogue filters. The result is that if you plug in 16 sound sources they will appear spacially spread and EQ-ed in the mix – brilliantly simple.

The inputs are arranged on the front panel to reflect the panning position and also the 4-bands of frequency tuning. You have “High” at the top then “High Mid”, “Low Mid” and “Low”. Two of the 16 inputs bypass all the panning and filtering and come in as an external unprocessed stereo input.

Jumble Henge

The Jumble Henge offers a great opportunity to mess about with the placement of your audio signals. So often in Eurorack everything ends up in a simple output module with very little thought put into panning or frequency separation. This is especially true when using a smaller rig in a live performance.


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Jumble Henge was designed in collaboration with Worng Electronics and is based on their existing larger and more featured ‘SoundStage’ module.

Jumble Henge is available now for £229.

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ALM Jumble Henge

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