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Cosmotronic COSMIX

Cosmotronic COSMIX  ·  Source: Cosmotronic


It’s good to have your aurals enhanced and the COSMIX does this over 8 channels of stereo mixing with some analogue overdrive and dual-band maximizing.



The COSMIX has taken its time getting to the shops since we first saw it at Synthfest last year back in the days when we could get together and look at synths. It’s now available and has a lot going for it while managing to maintain a clear layout in a relatively compact 16HP.

The mixer section offers 4 mono channels and 2 stereo channels giving you a row of 6 faders for 8 channels of sound. Above each fader is a useful clickless mute switch. Each of the 4 mono channels has a knob for panning and a knob for the auxiliary send which can be pre or post fader. There’s no separate aux return so I imagine you’d make use of one of the stereo channels.

At the master stereo output there’s an analogue overdrive circuit controlled by two faders, one to control the saturation for the high tone and one for the low. They say it brings out the bass and gives amazing spatial resolution very much like a dual-band maximizer. There’s a switch to bypass the drive if you prefer. The white lines on the channel faders indicates where the drive circuit starts to kick in so you can choose which sounds are benefiting from the saturation.


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The all sounds pretty meaty and interesting for a mixer module. There’s mention of an expansion port on the back which could bring further channels at a future date. The only thing missing for me is a headphone output. But otherwise, for £239 it’s a useful Eurorack mixer.

Delta V

Meanwhile, their new and improved Delta V dual-channel Envelope and VCA module is also available. I have the original and it’s a very useful module especially for small racks and the new version looks a lot clearer and neater. It’s going for £189.

Cosmotronic Delta V

Cosmotronic Delta V

Sadly still no sign of the Dimensions multi-dimensional cosmic choir yet – I’m looking forward to that!

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Cosmotronic COSMIX

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