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Toppobrillo MiniMix

Toppobrillo MiniMix  ·  Source: Toppobrillo


MiniMix is a useful looking Buchla inspired mixer module with 6 channels, soft mutes, voltage-controlled panning and is chainable for more channels.



Mixing audio signals in Eurorack can be a bit of a challenge and often ends up involving quite large modules or lots of little ones. The MiniMix hits a good sweet spot with its 6 channels of mixing in 14HP of space while offering a decent range of features.

Toppobrillo says that it’s based on or inspired by the Buchla Model 207 mixer and you can certainly see some similarities in the layout but the functionality is a little different. Within the 6 channels you have 4 mono and 2 stereo with up to +6dB of gain. There’s manual panning over channels 2 to 5 and voltage-controlled panning on channels 1 and 6. The VC panning is quite interesting in that channel 1 is panned left by default and then moves to the right with any positive voltage. Channel 6 is the exact opposite. This is a feature from the 207 which pushes you into using modulation within the stereo field which is a nice idea and I really like the pair of LEDs indicating the position. They all have soft mute switches for switching the signal in and out without any possibility of audio clicks.


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In addition, you have a stereo Eurorack output with level control and a stereo headphone output with its own monitor knob. What it lacks perhaps is any effect send or return.

The “EXP” or Expansion input at the top left is for bringing the output of another MiniMix or mixer into the module which is combined at the main outputs. It’s a simple way of chaining mixers to give you more channels and expand your possibilities. It’s also mirrored on the back with a ribbon connector for neater expansion if you are using another mixer that has a similar connector.

The MiniMix is a pretty nice mixer module and I’m really liking the panning and the ease of expansion. I think for me the lack of an Aux output might be a deciding factor but otherwise, it’s a great solution for a small case.

Preorders will open soon and the first run will be of only 100 units with a white or black front panel and the target price is around $250.

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A video on the Buchla 207 mixer that features the voltage-controlled panning.


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Toppobrillo MiniMix

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