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Make Noise X-PAN

Make Noise X-PAN  ·  Source: Make Noise


Stereo is not always a thing in Eurorack because you’re more often than not dealing with mono instruments going through mono VCAs and mixer modules. The Make Noise X-Pan wants to mess with your panorama and bring in a bit of stereo.



At only 10HP it’s a very compact stereo mixer module. It has 3 channels taking in up to 5 inputs and outputting a single stereo output. The first 2 channels take in 2 signals each and let you crossfade between them. The 3rd section takes an auxiliary stereo input and has a simple level control. These first 2 channels also have a voltage controlled pan control letting you flip the signals all over the stereo field.

The crossfade and the pan both have CV inputs so you can modulate them from other modules. They are happy to receive everything up to audio rate modulation for some serious sonic experimentation. Audio rate panning can create fluctuating stereo side-bands that can rotate around your head.

The 3rd channel is actually a stereo VCA that is summed with the output from the other 2 channels to give us our final mixed output.


When using a single input to the first two channels they can act as a single VCA. It’s also DC Coupled for mixing CV signals although there are no attenuators. It can create some nicely complex CV signals.

X-PAN is a neat method of getting some interesting stereo movement into your modular. Modulating the crossfade and the panning together can produce all sorts of interesting results and you have two whole channels to play with for some competing or complementary action.

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Make Noise X-PAN

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