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Blood Cells Audio D.O.MIXX

Blood Cells Audio D.O.MIXX  ·  Source: Blood Cells Audio


The D.O.MIXX offers 5 channels of audio mixing with individual direct outs for routing to your DAW or send the audio back through your rack – that’s handy!



The D.O.MIXX solves a couple of common problems in Eurorack, firstly how to mix your audio together to a single output and also how to route sensible levels out to a multi-channel audio interface for multi-track recording.

The Master output is in stereo with a Gain knob for up to +6dB of gain. It also has a Master Mute for killing the main outputs while leaving the Direct Outs and Aux still functioning. A mono Aux send and Stereo return for bringing an effect into the mix completes the Master section.

Each channel from bottom to top has an input, then a Gain knobs of up to +6dB, a clickless Mute button and a Pre/Post switch for the Aux. Panning is followed by the Aux send knob finishing off with the Direct Out at the top which is post gain and mute.


The D.O.MIXX is very neat, well laid out and fulfils the brief as a small Eurorack mixer nicely in only 22HP. Having Direct Outputs is quite unusual and makes running stuff out to your DAW so much easier when the need arises. I would have liked to see a headphone output and maybe a Return level on the Aux but there’s always a balance to be struck with mixer modules.

The D.O.MIXX is available now for $220.

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Blood Cells Audio D.O.MIXX

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