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Midweek Modular

Midweek Modular  ·  Source: Gearnews


DivKid brings us a whole channel strip of stereo goodness, the Polychrome Phaser gets us all gooey, Blood Cells Audio goes versatile and more in Midweek Modular.


This week modular guru DivKid released his fourth module. The Stereo Strip offers some interesting stereo processing, panning modulation, CV routing and sassy distortion. Check it out here.

Pittsburgh Modular takes a dark turn with a Filter of Crows, Dynamics Controller Bat and The Wolf Channel Strip. Check out these disturbing new modules here.

Erica Synths released a VCF/VCA combo that uses the new AS3109 chip to replicate the sound of classic Roland filters found in the Jupiter and Juno series of synthesizers. Read about its gooeyness here. And also, this evening, I’m continuing my series of Erica Synths EDU DIY live stream build-alongs. I’m tackling the Sequencer and you can join the fun here.

We also saw the potential of foot control with the ADDAC System ADDAC311. It allows you to wire up to five expression pedals into your Eurorack for CV and gate control. Read more about it here.

Midweek Modular Bits and pieces

Here are a few more bits and pieces of modular coolness that I’m pleased to shine a light on for this week’s Midweek Modular.

Blood Cells Audio 221.x2

The 221.x2 is a very versatile audio and CV mixer, attenuator and invertor. The module is sectioned off to highlight how it can be used. While it’s 4 channels overall, you can use as two 2-1 mixers that can mix either audio or CV. You can of course mix all four channels and while you’re at it pull out 1&2 separately.

Blood Cells Audio 221.x2

Blood Cells Audio 221.x2 · Source: Blood Cells Audio

Each of the two sections has level control over each channel plus a +6dB gain knob over the output. Each channel can be inverted and you can switch the direct outputs to be before or after the processing and inversion. You’ll also find up to 6V of useful voltage available on the inputs of channels 2 and 4 when unpatched.

The layout is really nice with the patch bay at the bottom and all the mixing business happening above.  You can also chain more 221.x2 modules together to form a larger system of mixing.

I always liked the Blood Cells Audio D.O.MIXX mixer and if that’s anything to go by the 221.x2 should be excellent.

  • Blood Cells Audio website.
  • More from Blood Cells Audio.

XAOC new modules

With Superbooth approaching there will be a lot of hints and teases about new modules. XAOC has told us in a tease video that it has five new modules to show.

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Something sounds a bit wavetably to me, but XAOC never disappoints with interesting, complex modules. XAOC will be at Booth Z420.

AMSynths Jupiter 4 VCO

The AM8400 JP-4 VCO has been a work in progress since 2018 and was originally released in late 2021. It’s now been refined to add a dedicated 1v/oct pitch input and a surface mount transistor array.

The AM8400 features the 555 timer chip used to generate the quite distinctive sounding sawtooth, square and pulse waveforms. It has a single output which also includes a switchable sub-oscillator. There are sliders for both FM modulation depth and pulse width modulation. The knobs and orange details do give it a hint of Roland.

AMSynths AM8400

AMSynths AM8400 · Source: AMSynths

Although this run of VCOs has immediately sold out more will be along soon.

G-Storm Polychrome Phaser

I enjoy a good Phaser and the Polychrome hits that spot. It’s based on the 6-stage phaser from the 1970s Farfisa Polychrome. While the Polychrome features only 4 stages of the 6 it still sounds fantastic. You have four controls where FREQ sets the initial frequency of the phaser, RES sets the depth, RATE sets the speed of the internal LFO, and MOD AMT attenuates the incoming CV.

Sounds so meaty, spacey and throaty – nice!

Check the G-Store Electro Reverb store for price and availability.

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Midweek Modular

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