Top 5 Semi-Modular 2018

Our Top 5 Semi-Modular Synthesizers

16 Jul 2018 · It's been a bumper year for semi-modular synthesizers. Completely capable of being awesome in their own right but with a willingness to get patched into something greater. Here's our pick of the best.

Robin’s Top 3 synthesizers from NAMM 2018

04 Feb 2018 · This golden age of synthesizers shows no sign of slowing down and NAMM 2018 had plenty to enthral the enthusiasts. Here are the 3 synths that really made me go all modulated.
Robin Vincent NAMM 2017 Modular Round-up

NAMM 2017: Robin’s Modular round-up

23 Jan 2017 · Can there ever be too much modular? Our synth expert Robin has gathered all the new releases in the world of Eurorack and put them together in one handy place.