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Midweek Modular 45

Midweek Modular 45  ·  Source: Gearnews


G-Storm and AMSynths fight over a Jupiter filter while X1L3 pull guitar effects into Eurorack and Pittsburgh Modular make some rather lovely cases.


The coolest thing we’ve seen in a long time was the unexpected Coral module from OXI Instruments. Coral is a massive 8-voice synthesizer, with multiple sound engines squeezed onto a 14HP Eurorack module. No demos yet, but I hope to have my hands on one very soon. Read more about it here.

The Behringer JT-2 just popped up on Modular Grid which is quite presumptuous, considering all we’ve seen is a prototype of something that may or may not ever see the light of day. But you can see how this Jupiter-8 voice might fit in your rack. Read more about it here.

Midweek Modular

Here are some of the interesting bits of modular and modular-related gear that caught my eye this week.

G-Storm and AMSynth Jupiter Filters

Two manufacturers, who also love a bit of Roland, have both come up with takes on the Jupiter 8 filter section.

G-Storm has the JU60-VCF modelled after the Juno 6/60 and Jupiter-8 filter. It’s based on the IR3109 chip with a BA662 OTA chip in the resonance feedback loop as found in the original synths. You can switch between a 2-pole high pass or 4-pole low pass, and there’s plenty of resonance if you want a bit of self-oscillation.

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Meanwhile, AMSynths’ AM8109SE JP-8 takes its inspiration from the Jupiter-8 and Jupiter-4. It uses the same chips as the JU60-VCF but adds in modern high-quality capacitors for a more stable sound. Self-oscillation was not a feature of the Jupiter-8, so that’s not there by default. However, you can dial it in using a trimmer on the back for a bit more fierceness. Of the two, I like the more expanded module design of the AMSynths.

AMSynths AM8109SE JP-8

AMSynths AM8109SE JP-8 · Source: AMSynths

Pittsburgh Modular Structure

Pittsburgh has been busy in the Taiga forests collecting wood for a new range of earthy-looking Eurorack cases. From the compact 208 Travel Case to the sturdy 420 Studio Case and up to the epically angled 744 Studio Console, there’s a size and shape for every application.

The cases are hand built in collaboration with craftsman Justin, with whom we are only on first-name terms. They are available in oiled cherry hardwood or black stained birch ply and come with oodles of power for your modules.

These are serious boxes of wood, rails and power, with the Structure 208 starting at $999. The top-end Structure 744 will set you back $2,399 but gives you a fabulous-looking, high-performance modular system.

Pittsburgh Modular Structure

Pittsburgh Modular Structure · Source: Pittsburgh Modular

  • Pittsburgh Modular website.
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X1l3 KVLT, 4 X VCA and DRAIL

From X1l3, who brought us the Manipulator, comes three wide-ranging modules. KVLT is a Mooer PE100 conversion; DRAIL is a hacked multi-fx processor, and 4 X VCA does exactly what it says on the tin.

The Mooer PE100 is a guitar effects processor, and X1l3 has taken it, broken it apart and mounted it into a sizable 28HP Eurorack module. According to the maker, for Eurorack-based guitar solutions, this is “the best I’ve tried”. We should probably believe him. KVLT can work brilliantly as a way of getting your guitar into your rig, but you can also use it with other modules.

The video below takes you through the whole process of taking the PE100 apart and wiring it into the X1l3 case. Nicely done.

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Meanwhile, we don’t know a lot about DRAIL other than it’s a “hacked multi-fx processor”. Judging by the PE100, it could be someone else’s effects unit stuffed into a Eurorack module.

On the other hand, the 4 X VCA is available and is a 4-channel VCA with two CV inputs per channel and mix output.

Midweek Modular 45

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