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Feedback Modules MIX BX

Feedback Modules MIX BX  ·  Source: Feedback Modules


Feedback Modules says that the first batch of MIX BX preorders has been sent out and sales may open again soon on this tidy and fully-featured Eurorack mixer module.



Audio mixing can be a tricky task in Eurorack and can often end up being a messy combination of VCAs and little mixer modules which lack the sort of features a proper mixer can bring to the party. There’s also the question of fitting those mixer-type features into the Eurorack space. So, whenever a new Eurorack mixer pops up it’s always of interest to me in my search for the perfect compromise of function, form and space.

The MIX BX ticks a lot of boxes. 6 seems to be a common number of channels and fits well with the likely culprits of a bassline, lead line, percussion and some other noises in a reasonably sized system. There are auxiliary sends with stereo returns which is excellent, letting you wire in a reverb and perhaps a delay that all the channels can benefit from to different degrees. Each input has a gain knob which is remarkably useful because I’m increasingly finding that not all sound sources are equal. Then we have a Hi and Low EQ offering a +- 10dBm 10kHz and 100Hz shelf, which tends to be rare in Eurorack mixers. Along with a master stereo output, there’s also a handy headphone output. All the level controls and panning are on knobs that fit the sizing of the module and lastly, there’s a mute switch on each channel.


All great stuff packed into a 35HP module which looks pretty nice as well. The two aux sends, the input gain and the shelving EQ make this the best solution I’ve come across without moving to something larger like the Befaco HexMix or WMD Performance Mixer. The MIX BX is very neat and tidy indeed. Feedback Modules says it’s based on a popular mixer used by techno artists in the 1990s and loved for its specific sound.

Availability is the only problem at the moment. Feedback Modules made 30 available as specially priced preorders (so annoyed to have missed that!) and the first 10 have just shipped. Once those 30 have been fulfilled then hopefully orders will open up again. The price will be €250. A DIY version has been mentioned but I’ve no details on that yet.

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The company operates out of Bucharest Romania and offer an interesting range of built and DIY modules including a great looking Juno-106 Chorus (I might have just bought the kit version) and a physically deep 1Bit Multitap Delay – it’s a huge sandwich of 3 PCBs.

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Feedback Modules MIX BX

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