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Feedback Modules MIX KM and MIX CR

Feedback Modules MIX KM and MIX CR  ·  Source: Feedback Modules


Strikingly similar to the MIX BX the MIX CR and MIX KM mixer modules channel more classic mixer sounds into your Eurorack modular system.



I’ve got a MIX BX; it’s awesome. It’s like upgrading the entire sonic presence of your Eurorack system. The sound is huge, driving itself into saturation with hardly a turn on the dial. I spent a lot of time searching for perfect kick drums and gnarlier basslines when all I needed was a MIX module from Feedback Modules.

Now Feedback Modules has taken the design and format of the MIX BX that was based on an early 90s Boss BX-8 mixer and reworked it based on a couple of other well-regarded desktop mixers that were pouring grit into the sound of the early electronic music and techno movements.


The MIX CR is a 6-channel mixer module that’s based upon the classic Mackie CR mixer that was favoured by electronic artists such as The Prodigy. It was what gave the Roland TB-303 that distorted sound we all like so much.

Feedback Modules MIX CR

Feedback Modules MIX CR

Each channel has a mono input with gain control and then a Hi and Low EQ. Panning and volume control are available on knobs and the channel is rounded off with a nice and chunky but silent mute switch. There are also 2 auxiliaries that route out in mono and return in stereo to the Master section with individual levels. You get a stereo line-level output and a separate headphone output.


The MIX KM takes on the Boss KM-60 from the 1970s and is definitely a closer match in terms of looks. The facilities are exactly the same with the same layout and connections.

Feedback Modules MIX KM

Feedback Modules MIX KM

Feedback Modules has produced channel strip modules based on the same mixers called the PRE CR, PRE BX and PRE KM. The PRE KM had a 3-position gain switch like the original KM-60. The MIX KM does not, instead it opts for the knob like the other two mixers.

Presale limited supply

The MIX KM and MIX CR are both being made in very small batches of 20. Feedback has opened pre-orders for this first batch for a special price of €210 each which is very reasonable for a 35HP mixer module of this sort of quality. Future runs will be priced at €250 plus tax.

My MIX BX is the best mixing decision I’ve made in Eurorack so far. For me, 6 channels are just enough, in a tight enough space, with two effects sends and mute switches. With all the gain on offer, it’s brilliant at balancing those wayward Eurorack signals. I’ve found it’s the perfect performance mixer I would have designed myself if I knew how to do such things. It’s just a matter of deciding what sort of mixer you like the sound of.


For a comparison of the earlier PRE modules that the MIX modules are based on check this out:


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Feedback Modules MIX KM and MIX CR

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2 responses to “Feedback Modules works up two new Mixer modules: MIX CR and MIX KM”

    Terry says:

    I hope the Boss mixer clone isn’t as noisy as the original. The only reason we bought them was because they were the only cheap option: Mackie wasn’t around yet.

    phrazle says:

    It’s great for bringing out-of-whack Eurorack signals into line with all that available gain. In my experience, it’s the ideal performance mixer that, had I the requisite skills, I would have created myself. All you have to do is choose the kind of mixer whose sound you want.

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