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Rebel Technology Mix 01

Rebel Technology Mix 01  ·  Source: Rebel Technology


There are a lot of 4 channel Eurorack mixers out there and as your system evolves you might find yourself outgrowing that quite quickly. Rebel Technology have a solution in the Mix 01 which along with being a 4 channel mixer can be expanded upon with more modules.


Mix 01

You have a 4 in / 2 out matrix mixer with a dedicated stereo headphone output. Each channel has a left and right knob, and there’s also a left and right output. Simple, easy to mess, no fuss 4 channel Eurorack mixer.

But it’s the expandable bit that interests me with the Mix 01. On the back of the modules are two 5-pin headers for connecting the inputs and normalled inputs, and two connecting the summing bus and the normalled outputs of two modules. Connecting the input bus of two modules creates a 4 in / 4 out matrix. Connecting the output bus creates an 8 in / 2 out matrix, which is probably the more useful configuration. Connect it all together and you can create all sorts of routeing possibilities. The normalling function allows the modules to be used independently while still being connected – clever!



The left and right mono outputs provide DC Coupled Eurorack levels and so they are suitable for both audio and CV mixing. The headphone output is attenuated and suitable for line out as well as headphones. Each channel can be boosted up to +6dB.

How much?

The nicest surprise is the price. The Mix 01 is only £95 and so picking up two isn’t going to hurt too much. You can also mount them in different rows making them very HP efficient when compared to some of the very wide multi-channel modules.

For more information check out the video below and you’ll find the Rebel Technology website here.

Rebel Technology Mix 01

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