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Feedback Modules PUNK

Feedback Modules PUNK  ·  Source: Feedback Modules


Inject some anarchy into your modular with PUNK from Feedback Modules that mangles several classic distortion circuits together.



Feedback went in search of distortion and couldn’t decide whether to lean towards distortion, fuzz, overdrive or clipping. Instead PUNK brings together a blend of several different ideas to give you options for how much disaster you’d like to play with.

You end up with two circuits squeezed behind the 8HP front panel. One circuit is based on a FET preamp taken from a mini portable cassette recorder and mixer from the 1980s. So, would that be something like a Portastudio? Feedback is not being specific about it but it comes with variable gain and level control. The other circuit is based on a bit of classic guitar pedal fuzz and distortion that’s also switchable between diode or MOSFET distortion.

After the two distortion circuits, there’s a Baxabdall 2-band EQ that also features on the Feedback PRE-KM module, to give you a bit of tonal shaping. You can also blend back in a bit of clean signal just in case you want a tiny bit of subtlety.

Check it out:


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It sounds really good. I’m liking the fuzzy distortion before the crunchier stuff comes in. It looks nicely fierce in the rack with that glowing sign of anarchy.

PUNK is available now for €85.

Feedback Modules PUNK

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