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Cosmotronic Dimensions

Cosmotronic Dimensions  ·  Source: Robin Vincent


Cosmostronic was showing Dimensions for the first time at Synthfest over the weekend. They are calling it a multi-dimensional cosmic choir which is the best description of an oscillator I’ve heard in ages.



There’s quite a lot going on in this Eurorack module. You start off with two VCOs one with sine, triangle and pulse waveforms and other with sawtooth instead of triangle. They all have their own outputs and operate independently but that’s just the beginning of the fun. There’s a cross FM bus with thru-zero linear FM and a whacking great big FM Index knob set firmly between the two oscillators and ringed in blue. Both sides have modulation busses, both have wave-folders and low-pass filters, sync goes in both directions and everything is CV controllable.

The result is two relatively straightforward oscillators that are capable of dangerously complex waveforms once you start feeding them into each other and inject some modulation. To have just half of this module, a single oscillator with wave folding and filtering would be a lot of fun but having two tied together in this way is very cosmic. The Dimensions at the show was a prototype and Cosmotronic says they still have a few tweaks to do but for me it’s was looking and sounding fabulous.


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They also had a prototype of their stereo mixer module. It features 4 mono and 2 stereo channels, click-less momentary mute switches, panning and an aux send. The special sauce is in the analogue aural enhancer with tone controls and saturation.


This is also definitely worth a mention as their first module which has been available since July. Delta-V is a dual envelope with a cycle switch and VCAs. So it can kick out a couple of quick and easy envelopes, it can cycle into CV controllable LFOs and you can route your audio straight through it. It’s like all the bits I regularly use on the Make Noise Maths without the huge size and for £100 less.


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All three are decent, thoughtful and interesting modules that appear to be designed to fulfil my own Eurorack requirements. Cosmotronic are off to a fabulous start, can’t wait to get my hands on Dimensions and I’m looking forward to what they come up with next.

More information

Nothing on their website yet about anything other than the Delta-V. Maybe Facebook or Instagram is the best source of information.

Cosmotronic Dimensions

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