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Nano ONA

Nano ONA  ·  Source: Nano


ONA is a multifunctional VCO for Eurorack that can bend itself into complex outputs and low-frequency modulations alongside your more classic waveforms.



It’s a smart-looking module, well ordered, unassuming that gives the impression of being a straight-forward VCO on first glance. But on closer inspection, you’ll find some juicy possibilities going on behind the refined front panel.

You have all the usual stuff, the octave knob and fine-tuning, FM and PWM inputs with attenuators plus a Sync input and then your sine, triangle, sawtooth and square wave outputs. All good solid VCO features. Then there’s an unexpected row of more waveforms. Two of them are square wave sub-oscillator outputs at -1 or -2 octaves. The other two are complex waveforms that also respond to pulse width modulation. This gives you a total of 8 waveforms outputs to play with and blend together.

The possibilities come from the combination of triangle core and wave-shapers from which Nano is giving us a nicely wide palette of tones to choose from.


Also, on the flick of a switch, ONA will dive down to become a multi-waveform LFO which gives it some great versatility.

It’s the sort of VCO you should buy in pairs especially as it’s only 8HP. They say it sounds “warm and deep” and if this Instagram clip is anything to go by then I have to agree.

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More Information

Nano has opened preorders on the ONA and you can have one for €200. They are building up a really good looking range of modules.

More information

Nano ONA

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