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ST Modular Oberhausen

ST Modular Oberhausen  ·  Source: ST Modular

ST Modular Oberhausen

ST Modular Oberhausen  ·  Source: ST Modular

From the prolific furnaces of ST Modular pours the Oberhausen Complex Oscillator based on a pair of CEM3340s and a pair of modulation oscillators.


ST Modular seem to have something new out every week and this one is pretty meaty. It’s a Complex Oscillator featuring two independent CEM3340 based oscillators that can be both stuffed into each other and also modulated by two other oscillators built expressly for that purpose.

The two main oscillators have switchable triangle/sawtooth waveforms and pulse wave outputs. Osc1 has white noise, Osc2 has a sine wave. Osc1 has two sub-octave sawtooth outputs. Osc2 can sync to Osc1 and also has a rather nice feedback distortion on all its waveforms. Osc1 has some handy tone controls.

The available waveforms are mixed with the 8 sliders in the middle of the module and you can blend between Osc1 and Osc2 using the big knob in the centre. The total blend of waveforms arrives at the OUT or you can pull them out separately from their own individual outputs.

If it’s not already complex enough then there’s an FM oscillator that modulates the frequency of Osc2 only. It can be a triangle or square wave and set to exponential or linear. The second modulation oscillator controls the Blend, Timbre of OSc2 and PWM of Osc1.


There’s a lot going on in Oberhausen. ST Modular says their intention was to come up with something characterful and gritty. If you check out the video below you’ll probably agree that they accomplished that while offering a lot of scope for complex and shifting sounds.

As with all ST Modular modules they are available as front panels and PCBs only. The rest of the components you’ll have to source and solder in yourself.

ST Modular Oberhausen

ST Modular Oberhausen

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