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Frap Tools Brenso

Frap Tools Brenso  ·  Source: Frap Tools

Frap Tools Brenso

Frap Tools Brenso  ·  Source: Frap Tools

Frap Tools Brenso

Frap Tools Brenso  ·  Source: Frap Tools

Fraps Tools enjoys a good articulate ramble when it comes to describing modules. Brenso brings together ideas of brevity and intensity, of weaving threads, discovering clarity and managing the possibilities in the sonic options. Lovely!


It’s a complex oscillator, or as Frap Tools like to put it, it’s a “primary analog source of articulated waveforms whose degree of entanglement can be precisely set by the musician.⁣⁠” It’s based upon two thru-zero triangle-core oscillators which can be externally or internally modulated combined with a separate processing section which includes waveshaping and amplitude modulation.

They’ve built in a Coarse Frequency Lock to lock each oscillator at its current value to prevent tuning loss during performance. Fine-tuning remains unaffected so you can still work in that detuning.

Each oscillator has linear and/or exponential FM capability and sound shaping and “deviation” can be controlled through separate knobs and CV. The green oscillator on the left tends to modulate into the yellow one and can work all the way down to sub-audio rates making it a super complex LFO. It can sync also sync to the yellow oscillator with the Flip Sync feature.

The modulation section blends two wavefolders, a waveshaper and a pulse width modulation circuit with dedicated VCA controls over the global amount of modulation to be sent to each section. The wavefolder can also be excited by an external trigger to generate percussive sounds with a very organic delay.

Frap Tools don’t go in for a lot of labelling so Brenso will start out as a mystery waiting to be unravelled, or an adventure waiting to be embarked upon.

Brenso should ship before the summer for €629.

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