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Frap Tools Fumana

Frap Tools Fumana  ·  Source: Frap Tools

Fumana, they tell us, in the dialect of Modena means fog. But it’s a beautiful fog with spectral capabilities and functions within thick bands of fumana. In Eurorack form Fumana is an analog dual filter bank with dynamic control over an array of 16 independent bandpass filters.



Having two identical arrays of filters allows you to use one for spectral analysis of a modulator signal and the other for spectral re-synthesis of the main signal. Each array is sub-grouped into odd and even bands and it’s possible to address those separately. Mix in 16 envelope followers on the modulator and 16 VCAs on the main and you have either 16 bands or dual 8 bands (odd and even split) of analog spectral transfer. You might call that “vocoding”.

That seems pretty intense.

There are two additional voltage controlled functions of Parametric Scan and Tilt. Parametric Scan works with peak/notch, band selection and width. Tilt raises or lowers the bands around an axis.

Another 4 outputs provide a mix output of all bands, odd and even bands and an output for the envelope followers.

I’m finding the description quite thick and troublesome to grasp. But ultimately you’ve got two lots of 16 bandpass filters with which to shape and filter sound. We’re all probably better off checking out the video below from Superbooth last year.

The Fumana filter bank is now available for €999.

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