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Modor Formant Filter

Modor Formant Filter  ·  Source: Modor

Modor Formant Filter

Modor Formant Filter  ·  Source: Modor

We saw a prototype at Superbooth and I was able to have a play with it at Synthfest. The Modor Formant Filter Eurorack module we’ve been waiting for is finally now available. 

Modor Eurorack Formant Filter

It first appeared as part of the Modor NF-1 desktop DSP synth. Modor say that lots of people asked if they were going to break the NF-1 up into Eurorack modules. They didn’t think so but the formant filter was special enough and unique enough to warrant a bit of individual development. And so they’ve stuck it into the Eurorack format so that we can all have a play with it.

The Formant Filter does a kind of “vowel morphing” between three vowels. It’s like a set of parallel bandpass filters that affect small frequency bands. These frequency bands combine to form vowel sounds. The big Formant knob is able to move between 3 sets of frequencies, one full left, one in the middle and one full right. The first three sounds are A-E-O, then U-I-E and then more complex AO-UI-EU sounds and in fact there are 10 preset combinations under the “Vowel” button.

The four knobs at the top give you manual control over the frequency bands in order to form and experiment with your own sounds.

The result is actually quite spooky and sounds every bit like someone making weird sounds with their throat. Check out the SoundCloud playlist below and experience the weirdness for yourself.

The Modor Formant Filter is available now for €299 from most modular retailers.

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