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Modor NF-1m synthesizer

Modor NF-1m synthesizer  ·  Source:

Modor formant filter prototype

Modor formant filter prototype  ·  Source:

The Modor NF-1 is a handsome digital DSP-driven synth. It’s like a virtual analogue synth realised in hardware with every control at your fingertips. The new Modor NF-1m is exactly the same sound engine but in a much smaller package.

Modor NF-1m

The original NF-1 was built of pure lead and is the size of a small house (I exaggerate) and was troublesome to carry around. The NF-1m deals with this by being super-light and mega-portable.

It doesn’t have quite the knob count of the NF-1, but there’s always some sacrifices to be made for space saving. Most of the parameters have dived into the menu driven screen. There are 15 edit pages, but the 6 buttons give easy access and the knobs reallocate themselves to relevant controls depending on the page. Apparently, the rotary controls have received an upgrade so the feel is an improvement over the NF-1.

In the box there are 8 voices with poly, mono and mono-legato modes. The memory holds 448 patches over 14 banks and can be overwritten with your own sounds. It’s not battery powered which is a shame considering the emphasis on portability.

Update: Modor got in touch and want to point out:

Also worth mentioning: MPE support (for Roli, Linnstrument, etc), new kind of knobs on NF-1m and future NF-1’s, and a new DAC!

As a little prototype bonus they’ve pulled the formant filter out of the NF-1 and stuck it into a Eurorack module.

There are lots of sound demos on their SoundCloud page. It should be shipping anytime now and will cost €580. And more information can be found on the Modor Music website.