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DPW MOG D-2 and SH-1  ·  Source: DPW


DPW Design from Sweden began with distortion pedals for guitar but is finding their feet in the world of Eurorack. Synthfest in Sheffield saw the MÖG D-2 4-band distortion and the SH-1 Spectral Enhancer join the WF-1 Wavefolder as their latest Eurorack module but this one you can plug a guitar into.



It’s completely analogue and designed to behave like 4 parallel tube amps covering Low, Low Mid, High Mid and High individually. It has a Hi-Z input for guitar or bass so that as well as applying some meaty distortion you can bring your instrument directly into your Eurorack. It doesn’t have to be guitar though, you can use synthesizers and other noises as well.

The D-2 can range from subtle warmth to full-on metal distortion while offering a wonderfully broad and rich sound. You’ll find sweet spots whatever your source material as you have full control over the level of each band. Most distortions focus in on that LoMid area but with the D-2 you can push those transients, fatten up that bass or smooth out a wide-ranging melodic sound. And you can the added benefit of being able to turn down the bands you don’t want so that the sound fits in with the rest of the frequencies flowing through your system or remains clean in all the right places and filthy in others.

Having a way into your rack with your guitar is enormously useful and what better way to do that than with a pre-amp overdrive and distortion module. The multi-bands make it very versatile and you can push it really hard on all sorts of source material with it never getting out of control. It’s lacking a bit in CV control; would have been nice to be able to modulate those bands, but you do have a CV controllable on/off switch.

The MÖG D-2 is available now for £208.

Shape SH-1 Spectral Enhancer

Also on show for the first time since release was the Shape SH-1 Spectral Enhancer. This is a combination of compressor/limiter and a dynamically dependent spectral enhancer. It produces new harmonics that you can blend with the incoming signal or use independently. The transient and tail parts of the harmonics are separated out onto individual channels so that you have control over the mix of signal within the module. It can be driven quite well and handles compression up to 10 times via 8 consecutive soft knees. It also does some nice stereo spreading.

It’s quite an unusual module with interesting scope for sound shaping and enhancement. It does lack a bit of CV control which would have been nice because we always like a bit of modulation.


The Shape SH-1 is available now for £158.

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