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Schlappi Engineering 100 Grit

Schlappi Engineering 100 Grit  ·  Source: Schlappi Engineering


Schlappi Engineering has released the 100 Grit distortion module that they announced at Superbooth. The stand out feature is the 8 brass ball touch points that let you manipulate the module in interesting ways with your fingers.


100 Grit

It’s a transistor core ladder filter and VCA with voltage controllable resonance frequency and distortion. The low pass filter is 24dB and self-oscillating with resonance compensation. The VCA is an OTA based circuit which can be pushed into a soft distortion before being driven to disaster. The voltage controller distortion gain can go from heavy to extreme especially with the “x100” gain switch engaged.

All of it is routable via feedback paths to become a hands-on instrument without any external input.

The brass ball touchpoints enable resistive patching between CV points, parts of the distortion circuit and different distortion outputs. In simpler terms this is where it gets brutal. Experimentation is the key as distortion collides into feedback, through to audio rate modulation, back to self-oscillating crunchiness, past overdriven noise and back again. It spits and flutters, screams and glitches with wild abandon – which is what you want in an interactive distortion module.

There are two audio inputs, two FM inputs and gain and resonance CV inputs. Along with the distortion output there’s also an output directly from the filter before the distortion kicks in, so you can use it as some Moog style filter warmth in quieter moments.

The 100 Grit is as deliciously mad and chaotic as you want it to be. And it’s available now in black or silver for $260.

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Schlappi Engineering 100 Grit

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