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British Noise Electronics

British Noise Electronics  ·  Source: British Noise Electronics

British Noise Electronics Gain Stage Amplifier

British Noise Electronics Gain Stage Amplifier  ·  Source: British Noise Electronics

British Noise Electronics Grit Analog Filter

British Noise Electronics Grit Analog Filter  ·  Source: British Noise Electronics

British Noise Electronics introduces the Grit Analog Filter and Gain Stage Amplifier. They are beautifully sedate and serious-looking Eurorack modules.

British Noise Electronics

Somehow these snuck quietly under the radar at the end of last year which seems odd considering the name and content of these modules. Those in-the-know have already bought out the first two runs of the Gain Stage Amplifier and it looks like Grit is poised for release but both are currently out-of-stock.

British Noise Electronics was started by Techno artist Ansome (aka Kieran Whitefield) and these are the first, rather understated releases. The website contains very little information about the company and the only social media outlet appears to be Instagram where they’ve managed a whole 6 posts. It’s all rather tantalizing and mysterious, so let’s check out the modules.

Gain Stage Amplifier

It offers 3 stages of amplification Pre and Post and has interchangeable distortion circuits. The Pre and Post stages have switchable hard and soft clipping and individual 3-band EQ. In between is a parallel distortion with CV controllable Drive and a Mix control to blend the signal back to the 2 gain stages.

It has 2 inputs; the first goes in with attenuation, the second runs through a controllable VCA which can be used to influence the distortion as it dynamically follows the VCAs movements.

So essentially you get Pre Gain, EQ then distortion, Post EQ and Post Gain which is a lot of nice sound shaping in one module. Behind the grill on the front is a bunch of metering LEDs giving a glowing indication of what’s going on.

Grit Analog Filter

The slightly more minimalist Grit Analog Filter is a switchable high and low pass filter with a x2.5 input gain driving into a limiter. The intriguing “Grit” switch pushes into a unity gain distortion adding harmonics and character while keeping the level through the limiter the same. After the filter there’s a nice big knob of Parallel Saturation. Both the Limiter and the Saturation have those nicely grilled LEDs for added excitement.

And wow, does this thing live up to its name:

British Modular

They have the serious vibe of Neve consoles about them. Something about the front plate colour and choice of knobs is somehow muted and yet very distinctive. Ansome is certainly into his fat saturation and many levels of it. Can’t wait to see these out in the field. I’ve found a video on the Gain Stage Amplifier which goes into a decent amount of depth – check that out below.

The Gain Stage Amplifier goes for £379.99 and Grit is £279.99. You can sign up on the website to be told when they are back in stock. I’ve got my eye on both!

More information

  • British Noise Electronics website




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