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British Noise Cascading FET Amplifier

British Noise Cascading FET Amplifier  ·  Source: British Noise Electronics


The Cascading FET Amplifier is 4 channels of JFET saturation in a single Eurorack module where each one can cascade into the next – this is going to get creamy.


Cascading FET Amplifier

4 JFET amplification stages lined up side by side with individual gain and voltage-controlled feedback controls. Stage 2 and stage 4 have a Sub and Air EQ that shares the same knobs and there’s a reverse switch to allow for the controls of stage 2 to be inverted.

Each stage is normalised to the next to if you only plug into channel 1 you can go through 4 multiplying stages of gain and saturation and then take an output at any or all points along the way with increasing distortion.

British Noise suggests doing something like plugging in a kick drum and taking out a nicely crispy sound at stage 2 with a boosted Sub and then blend with a completely distorted version of stage 4 for a bit of extra bite – nice!

The Sub and Air band EQ have mastering potential and you could come stages 1&2 and 3&4 to use it in a stereo mastering configuration.

I’ve yet to see a video or audio demonstration… oh hang on, what’s this?


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Yep, that’s what I thought: This thing is going to explode any signal you route to it in deliciously disastrous ways. And those LEDs really set it off. You can preorder now for £220.

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