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Allscillator  ·  Source: Apollo View


Why have a few 3340-based analogue waveforms when you can have them all? Allscillator pulls eight waveforms from an all-analogue triangle core-based VCO.



You commonly get three of four waveforms out of your classic 3340 chip. They tend to be triangle, sawtooth and square or pulse wave. You’ll often get a sub-oscillator added in for good measure. Apollo View has used some electrical cleverness to come up with eight waveforms, all of which are available simultaneously from their own outputs. The waveforms include Square Sine, Sine, Triangle, Pulse with PWM, Sharktooth, Saw, PWM Saw and a bumper pack of sub-oscillations.

Apollo View has been able to go beyond the usual waveforms through a tasty bit of waveshaping. It’s what gives us the square-sine, Sharktooth, and pulse-width modulated saw. Followed by the enhanced sub-oscillator that can be switched between -1 or -2 octaves and a pulse wave -2 octave.

There’s more

That’s not all they’ve been able to do. Firstly, you can switch the oscillator range from audio rate down to an LFO mode of about 1.5 second cycles or an Ultra LFO mode of somewhere between 12 seconds and 15 minutes. That’s sloooooow. Then you’ll find three types of oscillator sync for locking the pitch to another oscillator. These are Positive Edge Hard Sync, Negative Edge Hard Sync and Soft Sync. And finally add in linear and exponential Frequency Modulation, and you’ve got a comprehensive source of sound.


Divkid has produced a video (below) that takes you through all sorts of possibilities. It’s certainly quite a thing that Apollo View have squeezed into 10HP, and it’s quite unusual looking. Allscillator is available now for £369.

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    nordengine says:

    Yep, Intellijel Dixie II+ has been doing that for way longer 🙂

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