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Moseley Instruments Cosmopolitan

Moseley Instruments Cosmopolitan  ·  Source: Moseley Instruments


While we wait for Casio to wake up and re-release some form of their glorious Phase Distortion synthesizers, we can enjoy a  new Eurorack module from Moseley Instruments. Featuring 8 different waveforms the Cosmopolitan is a fruity Dual Phase Distortion Oscillator mixed with vodka and set on fire.


The Cosmopolitan

It’s not a drink or a magazine it’s a Eurorack module giving us the “dual phase distortion oscillator you’ve always wanted”. Phase Distortion is a type of digital synthesis pioneered by Casio in the 1980’s and made famous in the CZ range of synthesizers. It generates waveforms by speeding up one part of a sine wave and slowing down the second.

The 8 waveforms include a sawtooth, square, sine pulse, triangle pulse, triangle sine and then a resonant saw, triangle and pulse. The dual nature of this module means that you have two fully independent oscillators. Each with their own 8 waveforms to choose between. The individual outputs mean that you can treat the two oscillators completely differently. There’s CV control over pitch and shape, and bipolar modulation depth control. Coarse and fine tuning controls make use of an LED to make things easier – although I guess it depends on what you are tuning to.

Check out the sound examples, they are pretty cool.


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The Cosmopolitan is available for preorder for €289 and should ship in May.

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Moseley Instruments Cosmopolitan

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