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Syntheway Phasewaver

Syntheway Phasewaver  ·  Source: Syntheway

Phasewaver is a shockingly dated-looking Phase Distortion extravaganza that pulls no punches in its authentic take on classic Casio CZ-101 sounds.


Syntheway does their own things and ploughs their own path. They are not ones for fancy modern interfaces or visual niceties, they just want to get straight to the sounds without wasting time on GUI design or realising that we’ve come a long way since SynthEdit circa 1987.

Phasewaver joins their growing range of startling virtual instruments and brings in the Phase Distortion that we’d forgotten that we needed. It contains lots of waveshaping and amplitude modulation to generate complex sounds.

There are 2 phase distortion oscillators with 16 waveforms routed through wavefolders. You then pump in waveform and amplitude envelope modulators to shape how the oscillators interact. You then have a state variable filter section and LFO for modulation. Bringing up the rear is some reverb, delay and flanging for that true 80s feel.

Syntheway Phasewaver

Syntheway Phasewaver

Syntheway plugins are fun, fruity and cost-effective. They offer unexpected and neglected sounds that are decent in the right hands. We might poke fun at the interface and raise our eyebrows at the quality of the sound demos but for $43 you get a bunch of sounds you’ve never heard before and a straight forward editor to make the most of them.

Phasewaver is available now for VST and AU on macOS and Windows.

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