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Syntheway Spherator FM

Syntheway Spherator FM  ·  Source: Syntheway


From Syntheway comes Spherator FM which is packed with 4-operators worth of Frequency Modulation for diverse soundscapes, atmospheric textures and clanging noises.


Spherator FM

Each of the 4 Operators are composed of sine waves with their own ADSR envelope which are configured to modulate each other. Harmonic sounds can be generated by this interplay provided the carrier and modulator have a harmonic relationship. Once the frequencies start to go their own way then we get into inharmonic and complex sounds that can be just as entertaining.

The Modulation Matrix lets you configure the arrangement of operators and which one is the carrier and how the others are modulating it or each other. That’s probably the easiest description of FM synthesis I’ve ever come up with and Spherator FM treats it in a wonderfully simple and clear way.

Once your operators are colliding you can then add a bit of Flange, Reverb, Delay and a nice bit of Drive Boost to give everything a bit of flavour and sumptuousness.


Spherator FM comes with 40 presets to get you chewing on ideas and exploring the possibilities. If you check out the video below you’ll find that it’s completely capable of all the sorts of tones you’d expect from an FM synth with the complexity usually associated with them. Syntheway synths are not the most stylish to look at but they do deliver on sound.

It’s available as VST or AU for Windows or MacOS plugin and costs $43.90. A free demo is available if you’d like to try it out.

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Syntheway Spherator FM

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