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Auza Wave Packet

Auza Wave Packet  ·  Source: Auza


Wave Packets will generate complex envelopes, burst modulations and frequency-dynamic oscillations in a fascinatingly versatile 16HP module.


Wave Packets

This is the first module from designers Auza and is all about time-limited or time-repeating signals. In simple terms, it’s an envelope or LFO but they’ve built in some interesting functions to mess with the shape and form of those modulation cliches.

The labelling on the front panel is not that helpful but what intrigues me is the 5 outputs at the bottom with those waveforms that suggest possible outcomes. There may well be envelopes here and LFOs but it looks like we could be having a lot of fun with a combination of the two.

Wave Packets deals in time moving from left to right through 4 time stages. The Pure Contour function treats the time stages in a linear fashion and forms a sort of ASR envelope where the Attack and Release states are split in two to get a sort of Attack-Decay, then Sustain, followed by a Decay-Release or something like that.

Bringing in the “frequency-dynamic oscillator” or what we usually refer to as an LFO, we find that it can inhabit 3 different time zones within the 4 time stages. So, in that first Attack stage it can be one frequency, in the middle Decay-Sustain-Decay stage is can be another and in the Release stage it can be another. This allows you to bring in a modulator, have it arrive and do something different and leave in a completely different state. This is very interesting.


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Finally, we cast aside the contour and flourish our LFO on its own as a pure oscillation.

So, with a little bit of inverting and bi-polar action, we get our 5 waveform outputs which are all available simultaneously.

Meanwhile, it’s also happy to flip itself into the audio range and become a 24-bit wavetable oscillator with continuous wave-shape morphing.

We’re expecting release very soon and hopefully something more in terms of demo videos because the current one doesn’t really do it justice in its 42 seconds.

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Auza Wave Packet

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