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WORNG Parallax and Vertex

WORNG Parallax and Vertex  ·  Source: WORNG


The boom of stereo modules continues with WORNG Electronics and their stereo lowpass filter Parallax and stereo VCA Vertex with lots of interesting stereo field skewing.



WORNG has aimed for a classic sound based on the Sequential Pro-One and an easy interface. I’m enjoying the labelling style and look of the module very much. It’s designed to help with all the stereo business going on in Eurorack at the moment.

Parallax is a pair of filters for your left and right signals with common stereo controls and the ability to skew the cutoff and resonance in the stereo field. It’s great for processing stereo signals but you can also transform your mono inputs by making them stereo.

The Pro-One 24dB/Oct stereo output is there along with a smoother 12dB/Oct output and both are available simultaneously.

I’m really enjoying the skewing and playing in the stereo field because going stereo can be complex and costs more – this may make it worth it.



Vertex has 4 analogue VCAs which manage the stereo signal as well as the balance and panning. Again it will happily transform your mono into stereo. Your stereo signal path can be controlled or skewed with a single envelope generator. Vertex also includes waveshaping on the envelope and saturation without distortion.

No news at the moment on availability but the price in Australian dollars is $359 on the Vertex and $599 on the Parallax.

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WORNG Parallax and Vertex

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