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Patching Panda Moon Phase and Ephemere

Patching Panda Moon Phase and Ephemere  ·  Source: Patching Panda


Stunning looking Moon Phase stereo filter  from Patching Panda with multiple modes and combinations and the intriguing Ephemere CV Looper.


Moon Phase

Stereo filtering is definitely the thing of Superbooth 20 Home Edition and this is the most striking looking example so far. It’s a 2-pole 12dB/oct with a circle of different modes that glow in the centre of the module. You get combinations of modes from lowpass to notch, bandpass to high-pass, bandpass to lowpass, bandpass to highpass and then low and high pass on their own.

The resonant peaks can be shifted around the stereo field, these can be modulated with anything up to audio rate frequencies.

That’s about all I could glean from the demo video (below) so I think some more detailed information would be helpful to get a better understanding. But I’m loving the violet LEDs.

Patching Panda Moon Phase and Ephemere

Patching Panda Moon Phase and Ephemere

Moon Phase is ready to go as soon as production starts again and is priced around €220 which seems good value for a module of its size.


This is a dual-channel high-resolution CV looper that can record up to 4 seconds of control voltage at 44.1kHz or up to 1 minute at 200Hz. Transport controls are available on the front panel. You can either record what’s coming in the socket or if there’s nothing patched then you can record knob movements on the module itself.

The screen is really nice, showing what you’re recording and then the position on playback. The recording automatically loops and you can change the speed of playback and direction in order to modulate your modulation. You can have it sync to incoming triggers to keep everything together and you can set it to one-shot.

There’s no saving, hence the name. This is a fascinating module.

Ephemere is also ready to go once production opens up again and should be “affordably priced”.


More information

  • Patching Panda website (no information at time of writing). I love the patch cable chewing panda graphic though.



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  • Patching Panda Moon Phase and Ephemere: Patching Panda
Patching Panda Moon Phase and Ephemere

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