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Patching Panda Ephemere

Patching Panda Ephemere  ·  Source: Patching Panda


Capture your modulations with the dual-channel Ephemere CV signal recorder and play them out with adjusted speed, length and direction.



Ephemere is a high-resolution recording interface module designed for the capturing and manipulation of CV signals. The idea is that you run an LFO through it and hit record to capture a section of that signal. But that’s not the real beauty of this idea. This gets interesting when you start to manipulate your modulators. So throw your LFO about the place, speed it up, spin it around and capture that for use in your Eurorack. Patch in a CV generator hit record and dial in exactly the sort of modulations you want. Ephemere will capture all your movements.

Once you’ve captured your waveform you can manipulate the speed of playback, the direction whether forwards, backwards or pendulum, and the level. You can set start and end points (like with audio sampling) and then move or “Scan” that range around the recording. You can patch in some more CV to move the scan position about the place.


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Ephemere could become an endless source of modulations sampled from your own modulators. At the highest resolutions you’ll get about 4 seconds to play with but if you pull the resolution down you can get up to 1014 seconds of recording: that could be some seriously long evolving modulation concepts. You can save them to an SD card for instant retrieval.

The OLED screen lets you know what’s going on and shows you the playback speed, position, and scanning ranges. You can change the speed by a factor of 5 in either direction.

Ephemere looks like a very interesting module for crafting modulations or for experimenting with non-linear CV manipulations. It’s available now for €320.

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Patching Panda Ephemere

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