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Eurorack DIY raffle

Eurorack DIY raffle: Win 2 Eurorack module DIY kits  ·  Source: North Coast Synthesis / Patching Panda / Gearnews


UPDATE: The raffle is now closed! We’re reaching out to the lucky winner, so check your inbox!


Want to expand your Eurorack modular system and immerse yourself in a couple of DIY projects? Gearnews and Exploding Shed are giving away a bundle of two Eurorack DIY kits by North Coast Synthesis and Patching Panda! Up for grabs are the North Coast Synthesis Leapfrog VCF and the Patching Panda Punch VCA decay modules.

Win Eurorack DIY kits by North Coast Synthesis and Patching Panda

The days are getting shorter in the northern hemisphere and a DIY project is the perfect way to pass the time on those long, cold evenings! And if you end up with a couple of exciting new modules for your Eurorack system, that’s even better! If you love modular synthesizers and aren’t afraid to pick up a soldering iron, this raffle is for you!

We’ve teamed up with Exploding Shed, a well-known online shop for synthesizer DIY kits. Gearnews and Exploding Shed are giving away a DIY bundle that consists of the North Coast Synthesis Leapfrog VCF and the Patching Panda Punch modules. Both kits are full kits and include all required parts, so you don’t have to order any extra parts from another electronics retailer.

North Coast Synthesis Leapfrog VCF

The North Coast Synthesis Leapfrog VCF is a 16 HP low pass filter module based on a unique design. The manufacturer says that rather than copying the classic VCF designs (Moog ladder, 2-pole state variable) for the umpteenth time, they’ve come up with an innovative filter topology of their own, which is characterized by a very steep, near-elliptical response curve. The module offers three modulation inputs (1V/oct, exponential FM, linear FM) and even includes a built-in VCA. The kit has a medium build difficulty and requires the soldering of through-hole components only, there are no SMT parts. The North Coast Synthesis Leapfrog VCF DIY kit has a retail value of EUR 223.

Find out more about the Leapfrog VCF on the manufacturer’s website.

Patching Panda Punch

Punch by Patching Panda is a dual-channel VCA with built-in, voltage-controlled decay envelopes. Its main focus is on dynamic percussive sounds, but it can also be used for bass lines, leads, envelopes and more. The envelopes offer variable response curves and can be activated with triggers, gates or CVs. Punch is a beginner-level DIY kit with pre-soldered SMT components. You only need to solder the larger through-hole components. The kit’s retail value is EUR 125.

Find out more about Punch on the manufacturer’s website.

Get a €10 coupon for the Exploding Shed online shop

You can find many more DIY kits for Eurorack modules and everything synth-related in the Exploding Shed online shop. If you’ve caught the DIY bug, Exploding Shed has another great offer for you. If you sign up for the Exploding Shed newsletter here before this raffle is over, you will receive a rebate coupon in the amount of EUR 10. The website also features an info section with soldering tips, recommended tools and much more.

Terms and conditions

Entering the raffle is free. The minimum age for entering the raffle is 14 years. You can only participate once – any attempt to enter the raffle more than once will result in disqualification. We are giving away one Eurorack DIY bundle consisting of the modules North Coast Synthesis Leapfrog VCF and Patching Panda Punch as DIY kits.

To enter the raffle, post a comment to this article or underneath the corresponding Instagram and Facebook posts. A jury of Gearnews editors will randomly draw the winner from all received comments, and notify the winner. Employees of gearnews.com, the associated companies and their family members are prohibited from entering the raffle.

Your personal data is collected and stored only for the purpose of this raffle and will not be shared with third parties. Recourse to the courts is not permitted and the cash disbursement of prizes is not an option. This raffle lasts from Tuesday, 13 October 2020 until Monday, 26 October 2020 (11:59:59 p.m. GMT). Comments received after this period are invalid.

By entering this raffle, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.

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  1. manu says:

    Wonderful ! i’m in 🙂

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    I’m in!

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  4. Tor-M says:

    Cool. In it to win it. Make my world go pling plong. 🙂

  5. Philip says:

    Count me in!

  6. winning would be awesome, but I’m wishing good luck to everyone.

  7. Dylan says:

    Sounds ideal for my DIY Eurorack in a wine box.

  8. pastoelio says:

    id love to win one of these

  9. JulienHrv says:

    Thank you GearNews for this raffle!
    I’m in

  10. Patrick says:

    So cool! I’m In!

  11. David Witulla says:

    As someone who owns a MiniBrute 2s and dreams of getting into modular for 2 years now this would be an amazing startup boost. Exactly a filter and a VCA is what I would buy or diy first for my needs. So I would be very happy to build these kits and make my journey come true (haha even with 2 modules it would be a long and still expensive way ^^ – but I really wanna do it)

  12. Karl says:

    in to win! 🙂

  13. Fill my first eurorack slots !

  14. Julian says:

    Excellent, would enjoy building these.

  15. Liam Sheehy says:

    I’ve had both of these companies on my radar for next Eurorack purchases! I’m in and crossing my fingers.

  16. Kalle Niemi says:

    Im in

  17. Alex says:

    What a neat idea. Just happy to be here.

  18. Joe B says:

    Cool offer! This would be fun, as it brings back great memories of my Paia kit from back in the day.

  19. Steven Kastner says:

    This would be a great start for my Eurorack! Thanks for considering my studio.

  20. Andrew Warren says:

    1 entry please

  21. When I saw this filter come out I was really intrigued by its topology, asking friends around if what they claimed was possible. Can’t wait to build it and integrate it in my all DIY modular!

  22. Matteo Gregis says:

    oh yes pls, count me in!

  23. Morelle Jérémy says:

    Ok let’s go !
    Lucky me why not ?

  24. Björn says:

    Awesome…. That will be great

  25. Alberto F says:

    Wish me luck!

  26. Robert Johnson says:

    Oh this would be nice. 2020 has been hard on most of us. Good luck everyone!

  27. Maurice Healy says:

    Great stuff. That filter sounds very interesting!

  28. Adrian says:

    Nice one matey

  29. Mesmer says:

    Great news everyone!
    oh, i’ve made myself sad.

    Sure let’s get in on this.

  30. Birger T says:

    Yeah – I really need this. A punch in the right direction, and a leapfrog for my Eurorack voyages:-)

  31. Darren says:

    I’ve been trying to years to avoid getting into the Eurorack stuff – mainly because I’ll end up penniless but with a cool wall of noise-making machines. But the lure is getting almost too much now, so this might be my gateway in…

  32. Ken sheldon says:

    Would love to build one of the Leapfrog filters!

  33. Ben L says:

    A raffle? Never won one of those, but alright.

  34. Chris says:

    Great raffle, thanks for that Gearnews – I’m in!

  35. Scott says:

    I’m in! Turn this year around!

  36. Never enough filters!

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  38. Alex Frowen says:

    Would love these modules!

  39. m s says:

    looks good

  40. Frank says:

    Sexy panda

  41. Paulchen says:

    East Coast, West Coast… no… North Coast?!

  42. Chris says:

    Count me in!

  43. Mikael says:

    I need solder smoke to get high

  44. Jakob says:

    Let’s go!

  45. Marc says:

    Would be the perfect early Christmas gift 🙂

  46. Marius Krämer says:

    looking great!

  47. Teresa says:

    Oooh yes please!

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    I’m in as well!

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    Count me in please!

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    yeessss im in!

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    I’m in! 🙂

  52. emmanuel says:

    Great idea.
    I’m in too

  53. Lovely, count me in for the win!

  54. Cool contest.
    Quality modules!

  55. Tea says:

    this is so cool!

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    I would like to participate!

  57. Hendrik says:

    Put me in!

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    Let’s go! I am in 🙂

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    That’s awesome! Count me in.

  60. Armand says:

    Good idea !

  61. marc says:

    YES PLEASE! thx guys 😀

  62. Moed says:

    hello beauties, would you fancy some free rack space at my place? 😍

  63. Charles Heap says:

    Soldering is addictive!

  64. Achille says:

    In to win some cool stuffs !!!

  65. Andrew Smith says:

    Would love these in my rack

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    Patchin‘ and tweakin‘! Would love to win these! 🙂

  67. Tom says:

    Solder, must solder more!

  68. Thomas René Sidor says:

    Wee. I miss doing DIY. Count me in 🙂

  69. James Stiff says:

    My soldering iron is itching for these kits!

  70. Niels Van acker says:

    Can’t wait to win this thing!
    Great giveaways by the way! 😁

  71. Pierpaolo Cimino says:

    funny idea 😉 I’m in too…

  72. Isac Jensen says:

    I would love to win one of these kits. Good luck to all.

  73. Cbb says:

    Yeah I want one

  74. Mark Thomson says:

    What a cool idea – count me in!

  75. Benton Pena says:

    Great, sexy modules

  76. Luka says:

    Love patching panda stuff!

  77. Diego Diaz says:

    I’m in ! 🙂

  78. Carlos Bravo says:

    Oh yeah!

  79. Peter says:

    I’m in.

  80. Sean Cochran says:

    Would be perfect for my new 60hp Skiff!

  81. Jonni Saloluoma says:

    I’d love to win these. My solder Iron needs work.

  82. Michi says:

    Nice Raffle with even nicer MODULES.

  83. Sean Cochran says:

    I’m not sure if my comment was submitted, I didn’t see it. Please don’t disqualify me! I would love to have these for a new DIY Skiff!

  84. Kwinten says:

    I’d love to win these two cool modules

  85. Vincent says:

    My modular kit addiction says I need those ! :O

  86. Damian says:

    Here me could use them alot.

  87. Dmitriy says:

    Yay, soldering!

  88. John Baldwin says:

    Nice, raffle for DIY!

  89. Sam Chittenden says:

    Looks like these would be fun builds

  90. Meandmybrain says:

    Hi, luckily I noticed this. I’m in.

  91. James says:

    Would love to win 🤞

  92. Vladimir says:

    Хочу!! Хочу!!!

  93. Maarten Voeten says:

    Superdope, count me in.

  94. roger says:

    Der Punch würde perfekt zum den Panda-Hats im Case passen.

  95. Vincent says:

    Great modules, I want them!

  96. Glenn Lawyer says:

    Looks great! The guy behind North Coast is really knowledgable and his designs are solid.

  97. Diego says:


  98. John Sosa says:

    I’ve been working on my DIY eurorack setup for about a year now. Built the case myself, put together the rails and most of my tier 1 setup, which is just a modulation matrix. There’s a big problem however, I’m quite financially challenged at the moment since Covid came by and borderline destroyed the music industry where I live; even more timely is that I am a recent graduate.

    Do I absolutely need this? No, not really, but it would help out quite a lot in the future and ease myself on making my eurorack setup. If I lose, I save up and get my kits anyway, if I win, it only helps.

    Much love to you guys and best of luck.

    From your DIY dude who makes the best of what he’s got. Have a blessed day, and cheers.

  99. Dennis says:

    I would love to get the Filter. Daring…

  100. Thomas Gresens says:

    Of course i would love to win my first not build on stripboard module

  101. Boris says:

    Don’t pick me, don’t pick me, don’t pick me!

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    Yeah! These look cool, I’m in!!!

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  107. Nikita says:

    Ohhh i have been daydreaming about the leapfrog!

  108. Abram Kleijweg says:

    Pick me! 🙂

  109. Xeno says:

    Winter is coming… soldering will help heat and pass the time!

  110. Mike says:

    Ich möchte auch teilnehmen. Vielen Dank 🙂

  111. Nicolas SENTENAC says:

    ♥️♥️♥️make kits not War♥️♥️♥️

  112. Max says:

    I would love to expand my very small Eurorack System 🙂

  113. Benjamin Wrobel says:

    Me and my kids are ready to solder!

  114. Marko says:


  115. M Bordet says:

    Nice combination of modules. Would fit into my rack very well!

  116. Nico Pons says:


  117. Chuck says:

    What a powerful bundle. Sign me up~

  118. Lukas Kuhlmay says:

    What a great possibility to spend time soldering while the corona crisis!

  119. Sebastian Rothermel says:

    Sehr spannendes Bundel und genau die richtige Arbeit für die kalten Jahrestage. Vielleicht klappt es, wäre cool. 🙂

  120. Christian says:

    Leapfrog klingt so cool!

  121. Marcus Emil says:

    WOW! Would love to solder these <3

  122. J Z says:

    Very cool stuff!! Count me in!!

  123. Jamie K says:

    I would solder these for sure….

  124. Florent says:

    Exactly what I need to complete my first eurorack 8D

  125. martyn quickenden says:

    Shakmat stuff is amazing, got several already

  126. Tomas Kovarik says:

    Yes please😁 my soldering iron is ready!!! I love you

  127. Peter Antens says:

    Cool prices 👍

  128. Eike Jonas says:

    das sind ja auch mal zwei richtig nette Teile!

  129. Dennis says:

    Ich bin dabei, neue Module braucht mein Rack 😃

  130. Felix K says:

    Gib pls

  131. Damien says:

    So good! I’m in!

  132. Ivan C says:

    I’ll have a go!

  133. Joe says:

    Hey, would love to b uild those

  134. Jonny says:

    Oh nice!
    Just want to have this!

  135. Jan says:

    Yes please! 🙂

  136. Laspina says:

    Ammo Lotto, dont forget to put your slippers on

  137. Jonathan B. says:

    Super sweet stuff to built and win 🙂

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    I’m in 🙂

  139. Manuel Manko says:

    Nice Modules!

  140. Jens K says:

    Super, ich bin dabei

  141. James Shearman says:

    Yes please thank you awfully cheers ears supa dupa

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    Would love to solder these bad boys together!

  143. paszkiewicz igor says:

    great . i’m in

  144. Paul says:

    These look fun to assemble

  145. Alex says:

    Thanks for your generosity for the community! ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  146. kalu bandali says:

    I love Eurorack and would love to try DIY

  147. Bert says:

    Leapfrog sounds like the tool to recreate Mouse on Mars Frosch single 🙂

  148. Loeterich says:

    yeah, I’m in!

  149. Nathan Shores says:

    Woot Woot! Awesome giveaway! Love the energy here 🙂

  150. Moritz Christiansen says:

    So I am taking part now. Getting started with modular audio is very interesting but not affordable for me. Good luck to everyone :3

  151. Cédric says:

    Amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  152. Christian says:

    Modulaaaaar <3

  153. Tarek Zarroug says:

    That would be a great addition to my modular rack 🙂

  154. Koen van Westbroek says:

    Count me in. I would love to win these.

  155. Raffael says:

    I would love to have one of those! Both look and sound amazing 🙂

  156. Would love to build one of these great diy modules. Each module from the competition looks great and interesting!

  157. Lucas Pompe says:

    that looks good

  158. Florian Pfaffenberger says:

    Let me win please 🙂

  159. Rosenbaum2 says:

    Nice 😍 im in!

  160. Jonas Lerch says:

    I’d be so happy to win those diy modules.
    can’t imagine a better way to spend my time.

  161. Raf says:

    Awesome, those modules would make a fine addition to anyone’s system.

  162. Gavin Gabriel says:

    Would love to pair these with my no-coast 😍

  163. Igor says:

    Smells like solder!

  164. Robin says:

    I need it! Please!

  165. Databass says:

    let’s go!

  166. Johannes says:

    Great DIY Kits!

  167. Jan Dobbelsteen says:

    I want them, both! Nothing in modular compares to the Leapfrog filter and with Punch you create very nice percussion.

  168. Xenonfon says:

    Such a lovely couple… I’m in!

  169. DAVID POTTER says:

    I’m in!`

  170. Samuel de Smit says:

    Ooeeh I would love to have this in my eurorack setup!

  171. temp_hill says:

    Please let me win modluar gods :O

  172. Philipp says:


  173. michael_z says:

    Thanx gearnews/shed!! There´s always som space for good prepared diy modules!

  174. Jo says:

    Oh yes please!
    I’m eyeing getting into modular and my plan is set, as well as my absolute need for Geminis path! Modules will find a great new home here!

  175. OteKer says:

    That’s perfect for my growing modular system. I was planning on buying Punch and the coiler VCF.

  176. Damir says:

    Let it be the best birthday present for me🥳

  177. Luis Lutz says:

    Fits nice in my 100%diy System.
    Thanks for the possibility!

  178. Jeremias Hau says:

    great products,
    would love to try them out myself
    GGs for everyone 😀

  179. Felix says:

    Lets Go

  180. Sebastian Stenner says:

    Eurocrack 4 life 😉

  181. The winner takes it all says:

    Choose me

  182. Marcel Schrempp says:

    Great idea!👌🏻

  183. Daniel says:

    Exploding Shed rules!

  184. Christopher Bechtold says:

    Oh yes, give me something to solder …

  185. Moritz Richter says:

    They seem to be great modules. Especially the vcf seems interesting. And would love to diy again

  186. Jeremias Büker says:

    Nice ! I can‘t tell how excited I’d be to win !!

  187. Julian says:

    Yippie ya yayy

  188. Leon Oebel says:

    Oh yeah I’m in!

  189. Louis Köhler says:

    Oh yessss would love to solder again!

  190. Phil says:

    Oh man the vcf sounds sick

  191. Laurens says:

    Well, hell yes I’m in!

  192. Daniel says:

    Nice combo! Count me in!

  193. Arsenii Efremenko says:

    I’m in!!!

  194. Astrid says:

    Thank you Gearnews, hope you pick my comment! good luck all

  195. Steffen says:

    I want thissss!!!!

  196. koray sels says:

    yes please 😀

  197. Ben says:

    Yeah, nice!

  198. RONDMC says:

    <3 exploding shed

  199. Jan Dobbelsteen says:

    I’m in for these module builds!

  200. Nankuk says:

    I’m in !

  201. jascha says:

    i also take part

  202. Jeroen says:

    Sign me up!

  203. Martijn says:

    cat sitting on your modular. I’m in 🙂

  204. Martijn says:

    count me in! cats walking backwards

  205. Josh says:

    Good luck everybody!

  206. Austin Lane says:

    These look great! I’ve got a brand new rack and need to fill out it with some gear =)

  207. Moritz H. says:

    Thanks to Exploding Shed for the raffle and good luck to all participants!😊

  208. Philip says:

    This is just what I would need for a cozy evening of diy!

  209. Marco says:

    Attacke Lötkolbenaction!

  210. Finn says:

    I’ll take one of this, please.
    Good luck to everyone 😉

  211. Dave says:

    Exciting and good luck to all!

  212. Michael says:

    Nice! That’s something!

  213. Ed Whitman says:

    I want your. Ear-elliptical filter please

  214. Arthur says:

    Let’s get soldering!

  215. Dion says:

    Eurorack DIY helps me fight my burn-out 🙏 👊

  216. ipet says:

    Love Exploding Shed and Leaf Audio <3.
    Good luck everyone!

  217. Tomb says:

    Daumen drücken

  218. Stefan Eglmaier-schlüter says:

    I am also in… synthesizer Rocks

  219. Boris says:

    North Coast, North Coast!!

  220. Marcus Olsson says:

    Cool! I’m in!

  221. Joaquin Pozo says:

    I’d love to get into the world of patch synths, especially with such equipment! Good luck to everyone 😌

  222. Morim says:

    Yes please 😉

  223. Malte schulz says:

    Would be awesome to be able to start my own eurorack this way!

  224. lleicamun says:

    Nice one, thanks!
    Good luck to me ahah!

  225. Paul Fanger says:

    WOW. I could really make a good use of that :)) !

  226. Arsenii Efremenko says:

    I am not sure if my comment was posted! 0__o But I would like to participate in the raffle!

  227. Micha says:

    I want to win!

  228. Bjoern says:

    This would be a great starting point for working with eurorack. I’m in.

  229. Leetchi says:

    hope to win some 🙂 they seem lit🔥

  230. Jean K. says:

    Great, I already had an eye on these two kits … I’m in!

  231. Paolo says:

    Great! I’m in!

  232. Dennis says:


  233. beYanko says:

    Really nice 🙂

  234. PeterB says:

    Count me in!
    Just getting into the modular world, always room in the eurorack!

  235. Francesco says:

    Let’s go! 😎

  236. Johnny says:

    Awesome would be the perfect start into the modular world!

  237. Johnny says:

    Would be the perfect start into the modular world

  238. Daniel says:

    I’m in 🙂

  239. Markus Pressler says:

    Awesome modules!

  240. Adrian says:

    Currently building the noise toaster as my first synth. would be a dream to win some modules *-*

  241. Markus says:

    It’s getting cold outside, so perfect time to sit inside and start building ur own modular synthesizer.

  242. Tim says:

    I’m in! Pick me pick me pick me pick me!

  243. xmtry says:

    Just started my modular setup so I would love to get some new modules to beef up my sound! The leapfrog VCF is looking great!

  244. Julian Zanker says:

    I am also in 🙂 love it!

  245. Alex says:

    Awesome raffle! Count me in 🙂

  246. Tim Warner says:

    Please Synthgod let me win O:

  247. Johannes says:

    I’m in as well!

  248. Kristian says:

    Awesome, can’t say no to that 🙂

  249. Felio Andrade Rönner says:

    Uyuyuyuy nice giveaway, please count me in guys. 😍

  250. Eleftherios Panteliadis says:

    I am all in. Wanna buy some magic?

  251. david says:

    good luck everyone 😀

  252. Andreas Wallbaum says:

    Nice, looking forward to build my first Euroack System!

  253. Tony Vigil says:

    I can’t win if I don’t play, so count me in!

  254. Tony Vigil says:


    please don’t disqualify me.😕

    I can’t win if I don’t play, so count me in!

  255. Konrad says:

    Yeahhh I want this!

  256. Pislea Paul says:

    Would love to build any of these kits 🙂

  257. Maxxx says:

    Allright, let’s try this. Would love to build these.

  258. Marine says:

    Looks great, I hope I will be lucky 🍀

  259. Magdalena Busse says:

    Oh yes, I´m in <3

  260. Michael says:

    lets go

  261. Henry says:

    Nice! My DIY case is already finished.

  262. Tobias Domes says:

    These modules are great. I really hope to win

  263. Free says:

    hope hope hope hope …

  264. tobi says:

    yes im in! good luck everyone

  265. Daniel says:

    I’m in!

    I am so excited to do some diy soldering kits again and to expand my modular.

  266. Till says:

    Wow WOw WOW
    That wound be super nice!

  267. jampo says:

    seems great

  268. Til Jaeger says:

    Nice one! Might be the step into modular…

  269. Fabi says:

    Oh yes I’d love to solder more!

  270. Natalia says:


    Nice stuff 🙂
    I’m in.

  271. K says:


  272. Peter Zonneveld says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  273. Krumelur says:

    Thank you for doing this. I’m in, hoping for the best, my soldering iron is ready to go.

  274. Alexandru M. Budes says:


    Both would help a lot in my slowly growing diy synth

  275. Michael Eckl says:

    Cool. I’m in!

  276. Bulent K says:

    Count me in

  277. Luca says:

    Piu Piu

  278. LP says:

    Sweet, could use those!

  279. Lukas says:

    Looks very nice!!!

  280. Ondersteboven says:

    Cool, Let’s raffle!

  281. Francesco says:

    my soldering iron is very ready!

  282. clemengd says:

    Hell yes ! Count me in as well :)))

  283. lou says:

    I am new to the modular world and would really appreciate winning this module. I’m already a little nerd…:)

  284. LuLy says:

    Awesome 😍

  285. Earthroom says:

    Yeah, a Lot of replys. May the music be with you all.

  286. Andrzej says:

    Whoooa will be nice to get fresh update in studio 😉 Best Luck for All

  287. Ringhof says:

    Never won anything but i keep up the hope!

  288. Zibs says:

    Wow! Would be great to have and work on! I’m in.
    Thanks for doing this! 😀

  289. Tobias says:

    Yes I’m in! Would be awesome to get these:)

  290. Michael Mills says:

    These look awesome! Please enter me into the raffle!!! Thank you!!! 😍❤️💯🎧🎹🎶🔉🔉🔊

  291. Steppi says:

    Winter is coming….
    Lets solder more 😉

  292. Philipp says:

    Good luck to everyone 🙂

  293. FarbenImSystem says:

    Great raffle!
    Would be a treat for my DIY-friend and me.

  294. Eliasson says:

    There is a bit space in my modular synth for some new gear… 😉 If i had a choice it could be hard struggle…

  295. Kieran Craddock says:

    Would love this!

  296. Robert R. says:

    More fun and soldering your way to merry!

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