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SuperCritical Neutron Flux

SuperCritical Neutron Flux  ·  Source: SuperCritical


SuperCritical announces a digitally controlled stereo analogue filter that can select the characteristics of vintage filters with more to come.


Neutron Flux

SuperCritical refers to it as a “toolbox of a filter” and very much in the vein of their Demon Core oscillator that we saw last year.

It’s stereo (which is the theme of the show) and each side is a 4-pole filter but you can also chain them up in series to have a mono 8-pole filter if you so wish and then you get up to 4 resonant peaks for some formant-style action. They also stress how having 8 poles lend itself to more interesting curves and not just massively steep ones. It doesn’t really do dual mono in as much as many of the controls act over the stereo path.

The idea that they’re getting to is that the digital control within the filter can arrange the parameters in various ways to offer the characteristics of various vintage filters. There’s a central knob that dials between 5 different characters including Mean, Fat, Liquid, Sour and Crisp. These are the factory “vintage” filters but you will be able to add more and switch to a different bank via the button above the knob. The characters are also morphable either manually or via CV.


There’s a drive circuit build in that’s more hard-edged distortion than smooth saturation and a Stereo knob that will do lots of exciting things once they’ve decided what they are – this is still a prototype – but it can already push a mono input across and through the stereo field in rather nice ways.

Neutron Flux is a very interesting box of filters with a lot of scope for carving out the sort of filter you want. It’s still at the prototype stage and they are hoping for production by the end of the summer. The ball-park price is around €500.

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SuperCritical Neutron Flux

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