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Doepfer Superbooth 22 modules

Doepfer Superbooth 22 modules  ·  Source: Doepfer


The father of Eurorack has a big fat Stereo Multimode Filter, an Interrupting Mixer and a Quad Attenuator and new vintage versions of some other modules.


A-121s Stereo Multimode Filter

The A-121s is looking nice and chunky. It’s very ordered, like all Doepfer modules, but this has a very classic feel to it. It has two filters that can be used in series, parallel or as a stereo filter as the name suggests. The 12 dB core comes from the other A-121 filters so we know that it’s a good one. Instead of individual outputs on the filter modes, the knob sweeps through from lowpass, to notch, highpass and finally bandpass. The big knob in the middle controls the cutoff and with the flick of a switch it can control both filters at the same time.

Modulation gets a bit complex but essentially there are single FM inputs and common FM inputs. You can either modulate each filter separately via the SFM or do them together with the CFM. The Delta F control creates a difference between the frequencies to give you a dual filter spread. This has it’s own FM input while the cutoff knob controls the centre between the two.

The A-121S is pretty comprehensive as well as looking particularly lovely in the vintage black plate. It should be out in June for €260, or €280 for the vintage look.


A-138j Inverting/Interrupting Mixer

What’s an interrupting Mixer I hear you ask? I think it’s one that has mutes and the A138j does. It has 4-channels and each one has a 3-way switch that will either let the signal through, mute it or invert it. This is particularly good for mixing LFOs and envelopes rather than audio. Although there’s no reason why you can’t try.

Channels 1&2 has two outputs, channels 3&4 have a single output and there’s an overall mix. If you plug into any channels output A then it will be removed from the mix. The extra outputs on 1&2 can be used without removing the signal from the mix.

A-183-5 Quad Attenuator

Let’s not get too excited but this is a passive quad attenuator. It goes in, it gets attenuated, it comes out. A very useful utility for €70.

Doepfer will be at Booth B025 at Superbooth and always has great things to show you.

Doepfer Superbooth 22 modules

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