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Joranalogue Filter 8 and friends

Joranalogue Filter 8 and friends  ·  Source: Joranalogue


Joranalogue Audio Design has a bunch of new modules at the show this year. The most immediately impressive is the Filter 8 multimode filter and 8-phase oscillator. Others include Select 2 Control Voltage Processor, Link 2 Multiple and Add 2 Adder/Averager. But let’s check out the Filter 8 first.


Filter 8

The controls look a lot like an oscillator and indeed when sent into self-oscillation at high resonance it can handle 4 octaves at 1 volt/octave. The outputs then all become phase separated sine wave outputs. A flick of a switch moves it into LFO mode for a bit of interesting modulation.

But its main function is as an 8 output, phase separated filter. The filter cutoff is controlled via the Coarse and Fine tuning knobs. All the outputs are available all the time giving you 4 low pass filter outputs, high pass and band pass45-degree phase shifts. Normally these outputs would be at different amplitudes but the “COMP” compensation switch adjusts the gain for each output so that they remain at standard level.

Filter 8 makes the most of every eventuality, using every aspect of filter technology to give a usable and helpful result in whatever way you want to use it.

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Select 2

It’s a Dual Gated Precision Control Voltage Processor. A utility module stuffed full of useful utilities. It allows you to create, switch, mute, hold, invert, attenuate, offset, add/mix and subtract voltages, from slow CVs (control voltages) up to audio frequencies. And you get to do it twice. Each one has a gate-driven input selector, a sample & hold circuit and a gated polariser/attenuverter. If output A isn’t plugged in then they mix together at output B giving you all sorts of CV blending possibilities.

Link 2

This is a buffered multiple. Can be used as a 1-to-6 or dual 1-3. Designed to be extremely precise.

Add 2

Not a lot of labelling on this one. It’s a precision adder or averager. Meaning that it can add a few CV signals together. Using the averaging option means that the signal strength will remain the same when combining, say, two LFOs. So you get the modulation and not the signal increase.

The Filter 8 is €295, Select 2 €160, Add 2 and Link 2 are €75. They should be available soon.

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Joranalogue Filter 8 and friends

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