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Hexinverter Mindphaser

Hexinverter Mindphaser  ·  Source: Hexinverter


They’ve been talking about this a lot ever since NAMM and now we finally get a chance to see what it’s all been about. Mindphaser is a complex oscillator and audio signal generator designed for performance, sound design and a whole load of fun.



It’s all to do with carriers, modulators, waveshapers and Thru-Zero Phase Modulation (TZ-PM).

Carrier VCO

This is the oscillator core that feeds everything else and ultimately produces the signal. It has standard oscillator stuff like tuning, FM inputs, hard and soft sync and 3 waveform outputs. But then you start feeding it into the Waveshaper. You select the waveform via a little button which also changes the colour of visual indicators (nice touch) on the Waveshaper.


It folds harmonics up to 5 octaves above the fundamental. It features internal feedback and amplitude modulation. A high/low switch does something interesting with harmonics. All three parameters are voltage controlled with switchable inverting attenuators.

Modulator VCO

The Modulator VCO is another oscillator that can be used as audio or an LFO. It’s identical to the Carrier except is has PWM. Route the Modulator VCO into the MOD BUS to send it to the FM, AM, wavefolding, feedback and TZ-PM Index destinations. with variable amounts and polarities.



Analogue TZ-PM has a different character to digital which Mindphaser demonstrates perfectly. It can be combined with the Waveshaper and is independent of the Carriers linear FM circuitry.

So, do I have any idea what’s going on? No, not really but it sounds flippin’ amazing. Should be available in the autumn for €535.

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Hexinverter Mindphaser

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