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Doepfer Modules for Superbooth

Doepfer Modules for Superbooth  ·  Source: Doepfer


Doepfer always has a handful of modules ready for Superbooth, and this year we have the Photo Phaser, Polyphonic Mixer with Sub, Dual VCLFO and a Quad VC Slew Limiter.


Photo Phaser A101-8

This is a replica of the Schulte Compact Phasing A built in the 1970s. It’s an 8-stage phase shifter that uses light-sensitive resistors combined with LEDs to control the movement. There’s no internal LFO, so you’ll have to patch in something to push the modulation around. You do get control over the amount of phase offset, the depth of modulation, the feedback or resonance, and the mix between the original and the effect signal.

Polyphonic Voltage Controlled Mixer / Subotcave Generator A-135-5

This feels a bit confusing, but what we have here is 12 VCAs arranged in a 4×3 matrix where you have CV control over each of the three rows. You plug in four voices from your polyphonic synth module into a row, and you get control over three lots of them. If you are using Doepfer polyphonic modules then you can wire those internally, which is a nice feature.

At the bottom, you get the mixed output of all three synths in their individual voices. If you’re using one or two synths, then the middle row can generate sub-octaves.


Doepfer is considering adding mute switches.

The A-135-5 should be available in the summer.

Dual VCLFO A-147-4

Two voltage-controlled LFOs strapped side-by-side with 6 waveforms, pulse width modulation on the square wave. You can also use them as VCOs up to about 2.5kHz.

Quad Voltage Controlled Slew Limiter A-171-4

More polyphonic shenanigans with a four-channel voltage-controlled Slew Limiter. It’s essentially portamento for your polyphonic synth voices.


Doepfer Modules for Superbooth

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