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Doepfer NAMM 2020 lineup

Doepfer NAMM 2020 lineup  ·  Source: Doepfer


Doepfer has one new module and a bunch of prototypes to show at NAMM this year. The A-111-6 Miniature Synthesizer Voice is now out and they have a huge 3D Joystick, an 8 channel VCA, a Dual VC Polarizer/Ring Modulator and a Quad Level Shifter/Clock/Gate/Trigger buffer.


A-111-6 Mini synth

This miniature synthesizer voice is a VCO, VCF, VCA and envelope all on a single module. The VCO is triangle core with pulse width modulation. The VCA section is made up of two VCAs which act to balance the VCO with an external input. The VCF is a 24dB low pass filter with frequency modulation and 1v/oct tracking of the VCO. The Resonance is manual up to self-oscillation. The envelope offers one control for Attack and another for Decay/Release.

For €180 you get a full-on synthesizer in a 10HP module. Perfect as the start of any modular system.

A-174-4 3D Joystick

This module outputs 3 voltages generated by the spring-loaded joystick. X and Y are controlled by the position of the joystick whereas Z is controlled by the rotation. A button in the top of the joystick provides a Gate. Along with the regular outputs they’ve also added an inverted output with adjustable offset. €150 out in the Spring.


SonicState took a little video of it in action which is impossible not to laugh at. And I imagine Doepfer is going to have a struggle against this type of humour for the whole show.

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A-130-8 Octal Linear VCA / Voltage Controlled Mixer

It is 8 linear voltage-controlled VCAs with a CV input and three mix outputs of 1-4, 1-8 and 4-8. €80 available in the Spring.

A-133-2 Dual Voltage Controlled VCA/Polarizer/Inverter/Ring Modulator

As the name suggests it can be used for several purposes. It’s a slim version of the A-133 to go into their slimline range. Release set for the Spring, no price yet.

A-183-4 Quad Level Shifter / Clock/Trigger Buffer

It’s a fourfold level shifter used for changing the level of digital control signal. Could be used to convert 5v gate/trigger/clock to 12v. It’s not for use with analogue signals. €60 available in the Spring.

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Doepfer NAMM 2020 lineup

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