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Waves OVox

Waves OVox  ·  Source: Waves

Waves Organic ReSynthesis technology takes an incoming vocal and breaks it into amplitude, pitch and formant and then resynthesizes these elements to create a whole new sound via an 8-voice synthesizer engine.


It takes your vocal performance and retains the expressiveness while messing with every other aspect. It sounds a bit ridiculous, funny, zany but then moves into weirdly interesting, crazy and enjoyably fresh. It can do the expected retuning, harmonising, vocoder and talkbox but then it also goes into some very non-vocal-like places.

Here’s a good example:

OVox actually contains two synthesis engines which you can control separately. The Automatic Note Mapper lets you decide which chords, harmonies and scales will be triggered from your vocal track. This is with or without a MIDI keyboard.

Along with the control over the formant filter and tuning you have 9 modulation modules and 6 effects to play with. You can just get into effecting and morphing your voice about the place if you want. The Organic ReSynthesis technology will use your voice to effect parameters and automatically modulate things. It’s all in capturing the performance from your voice.

So yeah, it can be silly but it’s also very powerful and if you’re a vocal performer then it could be a load of fun.

Available as a VST/AU/AAX plugin for MacOS and Windows for $69.

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