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Joe Gore Pedals Cult Filth Gross Fuzz Distortion boutique Pedals USA Drive

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Joe Gore Pedals are built in the USA, and their range has some great names such as Gross Distortion, Filth Fuzz and Cult Germanium Boost. Joe is a guitarist himself and has played with some pretty famous musicians including Les Claypool of Primus, Tom Waits and PJ Harvey. His pedal range has a user list that’s equally impressive, including one of my personal favourites, Joey Santiago of Pixies fame.

Gross Distortion

The Gross Distortion is a one-transistor distortion and uses diode combinations to achieve a variety of tones. There are two 12-position switches, allowing up to 78 diode combinations between them. Then you get a third +1 switch which then adds in yet another diode and brings that total up to a whopping 156 possible combinations!

The rest of the control layout is simple: Gain, Bass, Treble and Level.

RRP USD $279

Filth Fuzz

As you all know by now, I do love me some fuzz. So I was excited to hear about this new one. But then I though, “What are those two huge sliders for?”

It turns out they control the tone by varying the voltage to the transistors. They also change the character and timbre of the fuzz. This sounds far more interactive than a regular passive tone control. The other two controls are your regular Level and Drive controls.

This looks like it could be a lot of fun and I would love to get hold of one to try out.

RRP USD $269

Cult Germanium Drive

A simple one-knob layout germanium boost pedal. The idea here is that you set your boost level and then use your guitar controls to tailor your tone. The germanium circuit should be very dynamic and give you enough boost to drive your amp a bit harder. Simple boost pedals can be deceptively complex when used in conjunction with playing dynamics and the guitar’s volume control. I like the simplicity of the concepts. The demo below is a good example of what you can do.

RRP USD $199



Find out more at the Joe Gore Pedals site.

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