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Daredevil Pedals Bootleg Dirty Delay V2

Daredevil Pedals Bootleg Dirty Delay V2  ·  Source: Daredevil Pedals


The new, updated Daredevil Pedals Bootleg Dirty Delay V2 takes away the previous tap tempo input, but is now more affordable. Will this digital delay with lo-fi analogue tape tones be what you need for some dirty repeats?


Daredevil Pedals Bootleg Dirty Delay V2

Designed and built in Chicago, and made to add some nice drive tones to lo-fi analogue tape-style delay, the new Daredevil Pedals Bootleg Dirty Delay V2 could be perfect for more down and dirty guitar tones. The pedal is essentially a digital delay circuit with a drive control, and it sounds nice and lo-fi/grungy.

The Bootleg Dirty Delay V2 pedal has controls labelled Blend, Reps, Time and Dirt, so it is pretty easy to see what does what with this delay. With a circuit that offers between 40ms and 400ms of delay time, it should be enough to add a little extra  body to your guitar tone.


Bootleg Dirty Delay V2 · Source: Daredevil Pedals

Princeton 2399 IC

Daredevil Pedals uses a Princeton 2399 IC chip to achieve the analogue feel of old-school bucket-brigade delays. It gives this pedal its lo-fi tone and, when combined with the drive control, makes it one filthy little repeater. The drive control is designed to make the tape-like echoes sound as though the tapes are all messed up and dirty, perfect for adding some grunge to the repeats. The Daredevil Bootleg Dirty Delay Vol 2 pedals are all hand-wired, and the circuit is true bypass. The pedal is powered by a 9V DC supply and draws about 25mA.


You can hear the pedal in action in the official demo video below, and it sounds pretty down and dirty.

RRP – USD 189

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Bootleg Dirty Delay V2 Demo Video

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Daredevil Pedals Bootleg Dirty Delay V2

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