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Daredevil HYPE FET Boost pedal

Daredevil HYPE FET Boost pedal  ·  Source: Daredevil

Daredevil HYPE FET Boost pedal

Daredevil HYPE FET Boost pedal  ·  Source: Daredevi


I have written about Daredevil Pedals in the past at Gearnews, most recently regarding its massive sale of 12 effect pedals. The company’s latest addition to its range is the HYPE, a new FET booster effect pedal. The highlight: it has no controls, just a footswitch!


The hype is real

Daredevil says it won’t use phrases like “clean transparent boost” and other “cork sniffing metaphors” to describe the HYPE. It’s just “big and nasty”. Ultimately, it’s a booster pedal. Without controls.

Daredevil Hype

Daredevil HYPE

Daredevil HYPE

Development is said to have taken 7 years – that might be a lot for an FET booster. But the result is a boutique, hand-made pedal that’s also affordable. The philosophy here is: “Less Knobs = More Tone”.

The unit is supposed to deliver aggressive sounds and volumes. Without a controller though, it can be difficult to tweak that sound. So for those who aren’t happy with the setting the pedal came with, there is a small trim pot inside the pedal by which the output volume can be pre-set to your preference.

Daredevil Hype FET Boost pedal

Daredevil HYPE FET Boost pedal

Check out the demo

Unfortunately, the official demo video linked below says very little about the sound. I really would have liked a bit more. It looks like an April 1st video, but was released a day earlier. So it can’t be a fake.

Despite being boutique and handmade in the US, the Daredevil HYPE Boost costs a very reasonable $89. According to the manufacturer, some Far East mass-produced goods cannot keep up with that pricing, and I would have to agree with that statement.

How do you feel about a boost pedal without controls? What did you think of the demo video? Let us know in the comments section below.

RRP – USD 89


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Daredevil HYPE FET Boost pedal

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