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Tsakalis Audio Works Molecular Boost

Tsakalis Audio Works Molecular Boost  ·  Source: Tsakalis Audio Works/Pixabay/Pete Linforth


Tsakalis Audio Works has launched a new pedal called the Molecular Boost. Handmade in Athens, Greece it combines a boost, preamp, volume pedal and a buffer into one tiny enclosure. Sure it’s dinky, but this thing offers some very useful tools for guitar players and despite its size it will almost certainly make your pedal rig more versatile.


Quadruple FX

Tsakalis Audio Works has managed to fit in several super-useful effects into the Molecular Boost mini pedal: boost, buffer, volume pedal or preamp. Tsakalis says the pedal uses an internal voltage doubler to handle any signal level, as well as dual high speed FET opamps to match the impedance of most pickups and drive longer cable lengths while preserving your sound.

DIP switches

The unit incorporates a boost from 0 dB to +18 dB via a single external knob. But the flexibility comes from the DIP switches on the side for further settings. The DIP1 and DIP2  switches boost various frequency ranges, while the DIP 3 and DIP 4 activate specific functions.

  • DIP1 & DIP2 down: Boost high frequencies (treble booster)
  • DIP1 up & DIP2 down: Boost high mid frequencies
  • DIP1 down & DIP2 up: Boost mid frequencies
  • DIP1 & DIP2 up: Boost all frequencies (clean booster)
  • DIP 3 up: engages a high cut filter 
  • DIP4 up: engages the xp input when the pedal is in buffered bypass mode 
Tsakalis Audio Works Molecular Boost

Tsakalis Audio Works Molecular Boost

Bypass & Expression

There’s also an internal switch to let you select true or buffered bypass. Again, a useful feature. You can connect an external volume or expression pedal to the pedal’s xp input to control the overall volume of the boosted signal. Again, this is a great benefit as it adds versatility that makes the molecular boost more attractive than a regular boost pedal. It will run from a standard 9-Volt power supply.


Promo Price

Currently they have a 15% off promo and so you can save some money if you pre-order the Molecular Boost now. They are due to ship from 15 April.

RRP – EUR 149 with Pre-order special pricing at EUR 127

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Tsakalis Audio Works Molecular Boost

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