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Tsakalis AudioWorks Room #40

Tsakalis AudioWorks Room #40  ·  Source: Tsakalis AudioWorks


The new Tsakalis Audio Works Room #40 looks and sounds like a roaring amp tone in a pedal solution. Based on classic Marshalls such as the Plexi Super Lead, Plexi Super Bass and JCM800, it comes with an onboard boost and a Variac control.


Tsakalis Audio Works Room #40

When an effect pedal emulates a host of classic Marshall amps, throws in a boost, and gives you a Variac to dial in your sag with, you know it means business. The new Room #40 from Tsakalis Audio Works hails from Athens, Greece and comes with two footswitches, one true bypass, the other for adding the boost mode. The pedal itself is a JFET based circuit that emulates all the classic vintage Marshall amps that guitarists lust after. And, of course, it is a hell of a lot easier to lug around than a 100-watt head and 4×12 cabinet!

Tsakalis AudioWorks Room #40 a Marshall stack or three in a pedal!

Tsakalis Audio Works Room #40 a Marshall stack or three in a pedal!


You access the main amp voicings via a mini-toggle switch. When in the 19 position, you get Plexi tones. Select 20, and you are in higher gain JPM/JCM800 territory instead. The pedal has controls for Master, Vol I and Vol II, Bass, MiddleTreble and Presence, along with that Variac control I mentioned earlier. The latter allows you to dial in the pedals internal voltage control from 7.5V to 21V. This lets you simulate that classic Eddie Van Halen ‘Brown Sound‘, and gives your tone some real character. The Gain Boost footswitch also has a dedicated trim pot of its own, so you can adjust how much extra boost you get once it is engaged, which I feel is a nice touch.

It’s a true-bypass circuit design and is powered by an external 30mA 9V DC power supply. Take a look at the official demo video below, where Billy Merziotis puts the Room #40 through a clean Marshall amp and gets it doing all the work. Sure, it isn’t the cheapest Marshall-in-a-box pedal, but it does offer a lot of tones in one very compact package. It sounds great, and your back will thank you for not lugging around a full stack.


RRP – 290.99

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Tsakalis AudioWorks Room #40

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