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Mad Professor Loud‘n Proud

Mad Professor Loud‘n Proud  ·  Source: YouTube/Mad Professor

Mad Professor Loud‘n Proud

Mad Professor Loud‘n Proud  ·  Source: Mad Professor

The Mad Professor‘s new Loud‘n Proud is a Plexi-meets-Fuzz drive pedal with plenty of dirt tones packed into one boutique unit. All are based on the legendary Marshall four-input amp sound. This one could prove enticing for the many players inspired by the myriad classic rock albums associated with those tones.

Mad Professor Loud‘n Proud

What do AC/DC, Cream, Hendrix, Malmsteen and Led Zepplin have in common? All have the characteristic 4-input Marshall sound, according to Mad Professor (i.e. JMP aka Plexi). Anyone who wants that sound but doesn’t have the money or space can check out the Loud’n Proud pedal.

Mad Professor Loud‘n Proud

Mad Professor Loud‘n Proud

Its maker says that this pedal simulates the phase inverter, push-pull stage and the output transformers. The aim here is to produce not only the sound but also the feel of playing through one of those amps.

Classic Rock = Fuzz

The Loud’n Proud pedal also has a boost/fuzz preamp with 13 dB gain on board that can be switched on separately. The website certainly doesn’t hold back: “Nice amount of gain” and “thickens midrange”, it says. A toggle switch selects Boost or Fuzz, the latter a Germanium Fuzz with all the peculiarities you’d expect. A sensible combination, especially if you think of the wealth of classic sounds you can get using this combination.

In addition, Mad Professor has also added a lever for character voicing. This lets you tighten the bass a bit and get a slightly more compressed sound, or just a just a smidgeon of bass and let the dynamics breathe a bit.

If this has whetted your appetite, you’ll have to wait until the end of the year for its release. For now, you will have to just check out the demo video below to get an idea of what it will sound like. If Mad Professor can really pull this one off and make this pedal feel like a classic 4-input Marshall Plexi amp, I can see this selling fast!

RRP – EUR 279

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