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Thorpy FX Heavy Water

Thorpy FX Heavy Water  ·  Source: Thorpy FX

UK pedal maker Adrian Thorpe a.k.a. Thorpy FX has come up with a new stomp box, the Heavy Water Dual High Headroom Boost pedal. This one combines two boosts, one clean and the other with some extra grit for those situations where you need some added bite.

Thorpy FX Heavy Water Dual Headroom

I love the name of this boost pedal from Adrian Thorpe! It refers to deuterium oxide, 2H2O, D2O. You know, the stuff they use in nuclear reactors. In its pure form, it has a density about 11% greater than water.

The new Thorpy FX  Heavy Water boost pedal contains the high headroom, clean boost from the DANE pedal (affiliate link) on the right-hand side. The left side of this boost provides more volume but uses germanium diodes for a grittier, dirtier character. So this pedal gets you boost circuits in one, a clean and a dirty boost, in one compact enclosure. One use for this pedal will be giving your amp a much needed kick, but here you have the choice of two voices.

Thorpy FX Heavy Water Dual Boost pedal

Thorpy FX Heavy Water Dual Boost pedal

All together now

The Heavy Water lets you use each side independently. But both circuits can be combined to hit the front end of your valve amp hard. This will undoubtedly wake up most valve amps and make hopefully make them ‘sing’. The Heavy Water comes in a smaller enclosure than the DANE, which was wider. So this should fit nicely on your pedalboard. It requires an external 9-Volt power supply to power it, so no batteries here. Way better for the environment, anyway.

You can hear this new dual boost in action below in the two demo videos, and I think you will agree it sounds pretty sweet. If this one tickles your fancy, order directly from the link below or from your nearest Thorpy FX dealer.

RRP – 189.99

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