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Red Witch Pristina

Red Witch Pristina  ·  Source: Red Witch

Read Witch has just announced a great looking limited edition dual boost pedal called the Pristina. It contains not one, but two germanium preamps sections to give you a great sounding ‘crystalline’ dual boost. 

Red Witch Pristina

The Red Witch Pristina is a dual boost pedal based on two NOS germanium transistor-powered channels. Each channel is essentially a mini amp, capable of giving you some very useful clean and glassy boosts. Perfect for juicing the front end of your amp. This limited edition run will consist of 99 hand-built pedals, with each one signed and numbered by builder Ben Fulton.

I really do like the minimal graphics chosen for the pedals enclosure. It looks great, and if you skip to the video demo below, you can hear it sound great as well. It matches the Seraphina octave fuzz from earlier this year, which was also a nice looking pedal.

Red Witch Pristina dual clean boost pedal

Red Witch Pristina dual clean boost pedal

Twin Clean Boost

Both channels have their own true bypass footswitch, and the controls are on the top of the pedal. A BI colour LED indicates the Pristina mode: Red (Left Channel), Blue (Right Channel), or Violet (Both Channels). With three settings at your disposal, it really makes this a great pedal to pair with a good tube amp, as you can kick the amp’s preamp hard with this clean boost to give you a variety of tones.

Red Witch Pristina is a limited edition of 99 pedals

Red Witch Pristina is a limited edition of 99 pedals

I’m a big fan of Red Witch pedals and use my Deluxe Moon Phaser all the time on my main board. I find the build quality to be excellent and the choice of components in Ben’s pedals to always be top notch. And since the Pristina uses hand-picked NOS germanium transistors, it should, in theory, sound very good. You can also run the pedal on power supplies from 9-18 volts. There is no battery option.

Each pedal is hand-made in New Zealand and I reckon will sell out fairly quickly, as Red Witch has a solid reputation for making good quality effects. You can hear it in action in the official demo video below.

RRP – USD 299

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