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Red Witch Nonpareil. 54 unique pedals

Red Witch Nonpareil  ·  Source: Red Witch


This Red Witch Nonpareil release consists of 54 uniquely finished pedals. Each one features two gain stages  comprising of  N.O.S. germanium transistors and an FET in the circuit.


Red Witch Nonpareil

Red Witch, which is based in New Zealand, makes some very nice pedals indeed. So this run of 54 unique Nonpareil effects pedals that all feature individual artwork and circuit iterations is quite interesting. Each one is handmade by Red Witch owner and designer Ben Fulton, so expect great build quality on these.

Red Witch Nonpareil

Red Witch Nonpareil

“They are each individually unique. They have a unique piece of art on the top surface of the pedal, they have a unique iteration of circuit inside, so they look and sound unique” – Ben Fulton

I, G, P and V

Each pedal has the same I, G, P and V knobs. The I and G set the input gain levels on the first and second gain stages, then the V and P are the master volume and presence controls. With the Nonpareil, the first gain stage is based around an N.O.S. germanium transistor, and then the second gain stage is based on an FET arrangement.

Red Witch Nonpareil. 54 unique pedals

Red Witch Nonpareil 54 unique pedals

A Vision Within a Dream

Each pedal has artwork by New Zealand artist Rachael Gannaway, who created paintings based on the 54 lines of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Kubla Khan – A Vision Within a Dream: A Fragment poem.


I suspect they will sell out pretty quickly if not already, so if you want one do not hang around too long to think about it. The fact that they all look and sound slightly different could be appealing to anyone looking for something unique, but also collectible, as they will not be made again according to Fulton.

RRP – USD 449


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Red Witch Nonpareil. 54 unique pedals

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