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Red Witch Seraphina 4 Germanium Diode Fuzz Octave Pedal

Red Witch Seraphina 4 Germanium Diode Fuzz Octave Pedal  ·  Source: Reverb/Red Witch


Hand built in New Zealand by Ben Fulton, Red Witch Pedals has a new offering: the Seraphina limited edition fuzz octave pedal. It’s all about vintage-flavoured fuzz tone with four germanium diodes, through-hole components and Wima capacitors. Let’s check it out.


Red Witch Seraphina

Let’s be clear about one thing: I’m a big fan of Red Witch pedals. I’ve been using the Deluxe Moon Phaser pedals for over 10 years now. Not too long ago I wrote about the Synthotron II, Red Witch’s revamped synth pedal for guitarists. My interest was piqued when Red Witch announced a new product. This latest offering is an all-analogue, four germanium diode, fuzz octave pedal called the Seraphina.

The control layout is simple, consisting of three knobs for Fuzz, Tone and Volume. They’re located on the front side of the pedal rather than on the top on the same surface as the two footswitches. These let you engage the fuzz pedal and the octave up effect separately. That’s a nice touch and makes this fuzz a lot more versatile than many other fuzz/octave effects on the market.

Two internal trim pots allows users to set the octave up, where you can go between a “singing sound” to a “blend of octave and fundamental fuzz” tone, the product copy says. The second trim boy dials in the fuzz girth, so you can thicken the fuzz to taste.

Red Witch Seraphina 4 Germanium Diode Fuzz Octave Pedal

Red Witch Seraphina 4 Germanium Diode Fuzz Octave Pedal

Hand Built

Red Witch makes some fine boutique pedals. This one uses high-end components, including those germanium diodes and Wima capacitors. Through-hole techniques are used throughout. All the Red Witch pedals I own have impeccable wiring and so I would expect this one to be on par in terms of quality.

Each of the 100 pedals in this limited edition run is hand built by Ben Fulton. The pedal is true bypass and finished in vintage cream powder coat. You will have to run it from an external DC 9v power supply.

Currently, you will need to go to the Reverb store to buy one. As it’s available as a limited run, these could sell out pretty quickly. You can hear the Seraphina in action in the official demo video below.

RRP – GBP 249.69 plus shipping


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  • Red Witch Seraphina 4 Germanium Diode Fuzz Octave Pedal: Reverb/Red Witch
Red Witch Seraphina 4 Germanium Diode Fuzz Octave Pedal

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